2019 Volkl Mantra M5 and Secret are hot!

2019 Volkl skis are in stock!  The all new Mantra M5 for men, and Secret for ladies are hot, hot, hot.  Both of these skis are brand new from the ground up.  Here is the straight scoop.

Mantra M5 is the all new, fifth generation Mantra.  The Mantra is such a long running, well known, and iconic model from Volkl, that they could not name this new ski anything else.  Will it be known still as just Mantra, or, will it take on the M5 moniker?  Only time will tell.  But really, the only thing this ski has in common with its predecessors is its name; in every other way, it is a brand new ski.

First, the technical specifics.  Dimensions are 134-96-117 with a turn radius of 19.8 meters in 177 cm size.  It is offered in 170,177, 184, and 191 sizes.  We currently have 177 and 184 in stock, with the two remaining sizes due to arrive in late August.  Profile is rocker at tip and tail, camber in the center.

First and foremost, even though this is an all new ski, it is still the Mantra.  Originally designed to be the one ski you would need to ski anything, from a deep storm dump, to very hard groomers and everything in between, the Mantra has built its reputation for being exactly that; a one ski quiver.  And that is what the new M5 is still exactly that.  But, at the same time, it is also different in many ways.

Perhaps the first thing to notice about it is, it is narrower.  4mm narrower.  Does this make the ski easier to tip up on edge?  Maybe, and for sure it skis like a narrower ski we think.  But that is also probably a result of its all new construction.  Everything about the design of the M5 was conceived by Volkl to make the ski more agile, more user friendly, but still totally a Mantra.

According to Volkl, the key innovation in the new Mantra M5 is a new concept using called Titanal Frame.  Rather than two full sheets of Titanal, running tip to tail above and below the core, Volkl engineered a new way to use this time tested material.  On top of the core, Titanal is used in three separate pieces, running around the perimeter of the tip and tail, along with an additional inlay of carbon in the center of the ski at the tip.  A full edge to edge piece of Titanal is placed under the binding area in the center of the ski, and a full sheet runs tip to tail and edge to edge under the core.  This concept reduces weight, because there is less Titanal, and it also allows the top sheet metal under the binding area to be thinner than the two pieces in the tip and tail sections.  All of this is encased under a top sheet that is designed to be very durable cosmetically.

The result on the snow is a ski that has the same stability and edge hold properties of the previous Mantra versions, but at the same feels lighter, livelier and ... well ... friendlier.  And no doubt because there is now camber underfoot, the Mantra has a smoother ride than the 2018 version and even better edge hold.  Tip and tail rocker is subtle, low rise, and the tip shape is a bit broader also.  It floats great in deeper snow, and it is just amazingly easy to ski very fast through cut up, afternoon conditions.  To us, this is the challenge of skiing today.  As the day goes on, skier traffic changes the snow conditions dramatically.  At Proskiguy, we are always trying to find skis that are All Day, Every Day skis.  For most of us, powder days don't last as long as they used to, and neither do groomer mornings.  We want a ski that goes from first chair to last lap, no matter what happens in between.  Mantra M5 certainly lives large in that category.

And, Secret for ladies does exactly this same thing thing for women, but in a ladies specific shape.  4 mm narrower throughout, at 92 mm underfoot, the Secret is designed to perform exactly like the Mantra, but for a lady who is likely not quite as tall, and a bit lighter weight.  Construction, sidecut and rocker profile are exactly the same.  So, this is a totally lady specific ski, and not just a different paint job with a different mounting point.

Mantra and Secret are going to be skis everyone is talking about next fall and winter.  But, you don't have to wait.  Proskiguy has them in stock now.  But, we cannot offer them for sale on our website yet.  So, if you would like to know more, or get a pair of your own, give us a call at 8-PROSKIGUY, and we will get you hooked up.

Thanks for reading this, and please let us know if you have questions.

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