Nordica Santa Ana skis are all new for 2021, and they are spectacular!

For 2021, Nordica has jacked the bar up to a new level with a whole new series of incredible Santa Ana ski models for women.  Of these 5 new models, two are completely new skis in both shape and construction, 2 are additions to the group that were not offered for ladies previously, and one returns with the same shape, but with a totally new construction inside.

Flashing back to the past couple of seasons, all of us here at Proskiguy have watched in amazement as lady skier after lady skier of all abilities have demoed Nordica Santa Ana skis from our store, and then returned with huge smiles on their faces and usually an excited recap of their day on Nordica Santa Anas for the first time.  Nordica had hit a total home run with this series of skis for women.

For the past couple of model years, Nordica has been exploring ways to women's lighten skis without compromising performance.  Nordica has been the only ski brand we can think of that combines a super lightweight Balsa wood core with Titanal layers.  This construction concept was even carried over the men's line with the introduction this past season of the Enforcer 104 Free.  This construction results in a smooth, powerful and rock solid stable ski with a light weight feel never achieved before.  But now, Nordica engineers have taken this thinking to the next level with new Santa Ana models for women featuring new Terrain Specific Metal inside.

It has been known for a very, very long time that metal inside a ski will make it more stable, and improve the edge hold, and Titanal has long been the predominant type of metal to be used.  But, there is a trade off; metal causes the ski to hug the snow, which is the reason a metal laminate ski feel so stable.  So, metal reduces the "springyness" of the structure, so it takes more energy in the legs to get the ski from turn to turn.  And, they are a bit heavier to move around on the snow, and pack back and forth to the car.  But mostly, they just feel much heavier because of the dampness of the ski as it moves across the snow surface.

So, Nordica set out to find ways to make the ski lighter, to feel lighter, and to be easier to ski on, but without sacrificing any of the smoothness and edge hold that makes metal laminate skis so great to ski on.  And, they came up with a three concepts in the new Santa Ana models that help to break this paradox of stability and edge hold, versus liveliness (sometimes called playfulness) and light weight.

•  Terrain Specifc Metal changes the thinking that metal needs to be added in layers that are edge to edge, tip to tail, and both above and below the core.  In Nordica's Astral series, the top sheet of metal has large cut out sections, removing metal in non critical areas to lighten the ski while maintain the torsional stiffness, edge hold and stability of the Titanal material.  Santa Ana's Terrain Specific Metal is the next evolution of that idea.  Metal is shaped so as to be edge to edge at the tip and tail, but narrower in the center section of the ski.  Edge hold and stability are maintained, while overall weight is reduced and rebound from turn to turn is improved.  As the skis get wider, the relative width of the metal gets narrower in the center of the ski's structure.  Less metal width equals a lighter, easier feel that is appropriate for deeper snow.  Narrower skis get relative wider metal in the center, more specific for harder snow, higher speeds, and carving turns.

•  Carbon Reinforced Chassis is full length carbon graphite strands running tip to tail below the core.  This material replaces a sheet of metal used in previous models of Santa Ana, but is approximately 35% lighter than even fiberglass would be.  Carbon has been used often in skis to add stability, and in this case, when used with the Titanal above the core, provides outstanding stability, while maintaining the super smooth feel that has made Nordica Santa Anas so famous.  Overall weight is again reduced, and rebound from turn to turn is improved dramatically.

•True Tip Technology is a new way of constructing the Santa Ana models in the all important tip area of the ski.  Because rockered skis always have a characteristic known as "rocker rattle", Nordica engineers previously conquered that problem by replacing part of the wood core in the tip of the ski with vibration dampening ABS material.  This design has now been improved by extending the wood core further into the tip section, and attaching it to the ABS dampener with a long tapered overlap.  The swing weight of the ski is lowered, with no downside in terms of stability and smoothness.  Also, the tip profile is thinner, so the ski moves side to side through ungroomed snow easier.

This is quite a lot of new design to incorporate all at one time.  The goal was to lighten the skis, while maintaining all that has made Santa Ana so special.  But, new constructions is not all that is new here.  The shapes of the two key models, and the addition of two more skis to the Santa Ana family is big news as well.

Both the Santa Ana 93 and the Santa Ana 98 (previously SA 100) are brand new shapes.  Gaps between sizes have been reduced (from 8 to 7cm), so there are more sizes to choose from, and it is much easier to select exactly the size you would like.  Each size now has its own tip and tail width (wider as the ski gets longer) so each size skis more exactly as the others.  Rocker profiles have also been redesigned and are now specific to each width model.  New Santa Ana 104 and Santa Ana 110 Free models are designed specifically for those skiers looking for deep snow skis for deep snow days.  Even the Santa Ana 88, which was a brand new model/shape for 2020 gets the new construction inside (Terrain Specific Metal, True Tip Technology, Carbon Reinforced Chassis).

So, Santa Ana for 2021 is all new, and we believe it is spectacular.  Nordica has done a fantastic job of designing skis that will make you a better skier, and ensure you will have more fun on the snow.  We have limited numbers of new Santa Ana 93s and 98s available at, AND they are even on sale all through the summer of 2020.  Match them up with any binding, and save $150 or more, no sales tax if you are purchasing outside of Washington State, and we will premount bindings for you at no additional charge.  Do the math, and you will see that you can save quite a bit of money buying these new skis now, from Proskiguy.

We are here to help, and we love to get skiers matched up with the best possible gear.  So challenge us with questions about these new skis, or about anything ski gear related.  Proskiguy is YOUR HOMETOWN SKI SHOP ON THE WEB.  Thanks for looking.

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