What is new in skis for 2019? (Rossignol)

This is an exciting time of year here at Proskiguy.  All the new skis are rolling into the store, and this is when we finally get to see the skis in our store that we skied on for the first time last winter's ski tests.  Since no ski company can change everything, every year, it is always a leap frog sort of situation, with new models introduced from some brands that are trying to jump past models from other brands that have been hot sellers last season.

After a few years of Rossignol Experience models not changing too much, that entire line is new this year, and it is really, really good.  One totally new model, all new shapes on returning skis, along with a technology/engineering feature from Rossi's Hero race models incorporated into these new Experience models.  More on the shapes below, but the new tech is called Line Control.  LC is a beam that runs through the wood core, down the center of the ski.  The material used to make the LC component varies from model to model; Titanal in the E 94 and E88, then ABS in the E 84 and carbon in the E80 and E76.  Only the E 74s do not offer some version of LC inside them.  But, no matter what material is used, the Line Control component is sandwiched between two layers of rubber.  The end result is that the ski stays in contact with the snow better, throughout its entire length, with enhanced rebound from turn to turn.  If anything, the super smooth feel that Experience skis have always been known for is even further enhanced, but at the same time, the skis have a more playful, springy feel on the snow.

All Experience models still feature a double rocker profile, but the tip shape has been changed substantially.  The tips have a longer, slower rise shape, (less blunt) allowing the ski to be more forgiving in deeper snow, and in bumpy, mixed conditions.  Because of the longer tip shape, the length of the side cut arc is also shorter, giving these skis a quicker, easier to turn feel when on their edge.

All the models in this series have similar dimensions to the skis they replace, with the exception being an all new shape Experience 94.  This is a waist width that Rossignol has been missing in its line, and this ski may be what so many of us are looking for in a new pair of skis; the perfect All Day, Every Day ski.  Wide enough to be quite good in deeper snow, along with a tip shape that enhances float.  But, at the same time easy to get from edge to edge, stable at speed, and very carvable on groomers.

Finally, one more change from previous Experience models is found in all these new Experience skis for ladies.  For the first time, Rossi has placed additional VAS dampening material in the tip section, giving these skis a smoother, more stable ride.  This is an important innovation, as women are almost always skiing on shorter skis, which are inherently a bit less stable.  Kudos to Rossignol for recognizing this need, and addressing it in these new skis for women.

So, that is our scoop on the new Rossignol Experience group for 2019.  We love to hear from you, and offer you any help that we can.  Questions and comments are welcome.  We want to be your hometown ski shop on the web!  Hope to hear from you soon.

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