2017 HO Syndicate VTX slalom ski (SPECIAL PURCHASE)

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2017 HO Sports Syndicate VTX slalom ski.

The VTX was HO's top model in 2017 through 2018, and was designed by water skiing legend and ski design guru Bob LaPoint. Its design was ground breaking, and it is one of our all time favorites here at Proskiguy. This Syndicate VTX originally sold for $1599.00 blank.  You save over 60%!

Check out HO's video recapping the philosophy and design of this ski:

For a high performance ski, the VTX is quite easy to ski on, with a very friendly mix of lower drag and "turn on a dime". It accelerates incredibly well out of the turn and through the wakes. It is also very forgiving of different body positions, allowing you to ski the way you ski, and not have to learn to ski how the ski needs you to ski.

The design and build of this ski is very innovative. It starts with a super precise, CNC machined PVC core. The machined core results in a super consistent build from one ski to the next; each ski performs exactly as its design is intended. Also, PVC stores energy very well to maximize responsiveness from edge to edge, and is also incredibly light. The layup around the core is 100% carbon graphite (no fiberglass). Graphite is incredibly light, but perhaps more importantly, it returns immediately to its natural shape once turning pressure is released. This means faster acceleration, and more angle to the wake. The deeply recessed, sculpted top makes this one of the thinnest skis ever designed, also reducing drag. To dampen this super light construction, HO has designed a strategically placed weight in the front section which sits on top of an elastomer rubber damping pad. This device quiets vibrations in the ski’s shovel, increasing stability.

The profile of the VTX includes a single radius rocker, which is a big reason why this ski allows for such a wide range of skiing styles. It is super thin through the tail section to reduce drag and enhance acceleration. The concave is wide and deep for maximum hold on the water, and actually carries up through the ski's thin profile, and visible in the top of the ski. An incredible amount of design time was spent on the bevel shape of the VTX, and HO actually calls out the 46 degree bevel in the feature list in the ski's graphic. Other cool features include:
• 100% handmade in the USA
• Syndicate adjustable fin system with aluminum wing.
• Accepts either standard HO plate binding pattern, or Direct Connect Max series boots
• Carbon Speedskin base improves laminar water flow for reduced drag

We offer this ski as a blank, or we can also set this ski up with a variety of bindings; add HO XMax Direct Connect front and rear, or XMax DC front with RTP for $199. Also, we can do our all time favorite Animal binding (and newly redesigned) front and rear, or Animal front with adjustable RTP.  We are super stoked about the all new Animal bindings!


Give us a call if you have questions, or just want to talk about this ski, about binding choices, or to just help you make the leap to this cool ski. This is an outstanding value, and will make any good skier a better skier. We are available by phone at 360-577-1580 from 9:30 to 5:30 Pacific time, Monday thru Saturday. Give us a shout, we love to help.


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