2020 Blizzard Rustler 11 snow skis

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2020 Blizzard Rustler 11.   
  • Dimensions 140-112-130 (180 cm)
  • Side cut radius is 19 meters (180 cm)
The Rustler 11 is a multiple ski test award winner.  Blizzard's Freeride collection is the result of a super intensive prototyping and testing process.  The end product is all new shapes, new materials, and new/unique constructions unique to the Rustler models.  These are the most thoroughly tested new skis ever offered by Blizzard, and perhaps by any ski company ever.  In every possible sector of the ski world, Blizzard solicited critical input on prototypes, seeking as much information as possible to satisfy the incredibly diverse needs of today's skiers; extreme skiers, instructors, shop employees, and of course, customers who would be buying these new models were all involved, all over the skiing world.  Designed from the ground up to be for the skier who is mostly off trail oriented, there has never been a series of skis as carefully conceived and engineered to meet those needs.

Rustler 11 is for the skier who is looking to get off trail as much as possible.  For some, who live in just the best place for snowfall, and who can afford to be very selective, it might be the only ski necessary.  For others, it is a second pair of skis.  It's unique DRT Titanal component is designed to maximize edge hold and power in the center of the ski, while allowing the ends of the ski to be softer and torsional more flexible.  Stable and smooth when going fast, easy and predictable when in deeper snow.


This ski is loaded with technical features:

•  DRT Titanal layer above the core is full width under the boot, but tapers to a narrower shape toward the tip and tail.  More torsional stiffness where needed for power and stability, less where needed for float and forgiveness.

•  Flip Core turns the core upside down inside the ski, allowing the ski to store rebound energy better.  This gives the ski a lighter, livelier feel on the snow and easier to get from turn to turn.
•  Carbon layer at tip and tail lowers swing weight, and also reduces tip oscilation at higher speeds.


Blizzard says, "The Rustler 11 will leave you grinning all day long. It is founded on two signature concepts, Carbon Flipcore D.R.T Technology and an innovative waist concept: the longer the ski, the wider the waist which gives ambitious freeriders and freeride athletes more control and float, even on steep terrain. The smooth rocker-camber-rocker profile make it responsive and stable yet super playful in softer snow and powder conditions and on any type of terrain. The Rustler 11 is the ultimate resort powder ski."


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