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2021 Blizzard Black Pearl 82 ladies snow skis

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2021 Blizzard Black Pearl 82 snow skis, a brand new member of the Black Pearl collection.

♦  Ski Dimensions are 121-82-105.
♦  Side cut radius is 13 meters (159 cm)
The Blizzard Black Pearl has been one of the best selling ladies' skis on the market, and it has earned this pedigree because it is one of very best All Day, Every Day ladies' skis available on the market.  Blizzard Black Pearl 82 is, designed for the lady who spends most of her time on trail.  This newest version is quicker edge to edge, and even more fun on groomers.  It has the same sidecut shape, same tip shape, same tail shape, and same construction as the Black Pearl 88 and 98.

Like slightly wider siblings, Its unique combination of width, rocker profile, and lady specific Flip Core technology, make it very, very difficult to have a bad day on this ski.  If you are looking for the one ski quiver, that can do it all, but will be skied mostly on groomers, and perhaps on the edges, or in a bit deeper snow when conditions are just right, this is the one!

The Black Pearl 82 includes Blizzard's lady specific Lite Core construction.  Eco friendly, light weight Bamboo laminates are mixed with even lighter isocore material inside the ski.  The result is a ski that weighs less, and has a lower swing weight, but is still very stable and super smooth.  ABS sidewalls further enhance the performance of this ski by providing a suspension system for the edges, and also by increasing torsional (twisting) stiffness.

This BP82 also includes FlipCore, a Blizzard exclusive technology that is really quite simple in its concept.  By turning the camber profiled, milled core upside down when the ski is assembled in the mold, the wood isocore stores more energy, and rebound from turn to turn is improved.  Skis with laminate wood core construction are always very smooth, very stable, and offer outstanding edge hold on hard snow.  But, the downside to them is that they are deader on the snow, with a bit less rebound from turn to turn.  Flip Core breaks this paradox, allowing a laminate ski to be much livelier from turn to turn.  Flip Core is truly unique, and you will love the personality it brings to your new skis.

And now Flip Core incorporates carbon fiber, making it even better.  Blizzard's unique Carbon FlipCore adds layers of graphite at the tip and tail, replacing the heavier fiberglass used in previous models.  The addition of carbon graphite component lessens the weight of the ski's rockered tip and tail sections, making it more stable at speed, and giving the ski a lighter, livelier feel on the snow.  CARBON FLIPCORE MAKES A GOOD SKI WAY, WAY BETTER!

Yes, the new Black Pearl 82 skis even in a bit deeper snow, and yes it skis really nicely, on the groomers.  But, for those areas where new snow and smooth groomers gets skied out quickly, this ski absolutely rocks it, because it turns even tighter, and easier in bumps and trashy afternoon conditions.  When your favorite runs are all bumped out, the Black Pearl 82 is the killer ride, and it doesn't even mind much when it gets a bit slick.  For most of us, groomers are the majority of our ski days, and the Black Pearl 82 loves to carve it up on the corduroy too, with quite a high speed limit.  With rocker at tip and tail, and Carbon Flip Core storing rebound energy, these babies are super fun edge to edge.

Let us know if you have any questions.  Thanks for looking!

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