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2017 Atomic Vantage X 77 CTi W ladies snow skis w-bindings (CLEARANCE)

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2017 Atomic Vantage X 77 CTi W with bindings.
  • Ski Dimensions are 120-77-100
  • Side cut radius is 14.1 meters (159cm)
  • Retail price of skis and binding is $725.00
The Vantage 77 X CTi is a brand new for 2018, next to top of the line ladies' ski from from Atomic, and it is an amazing ski at a really good price.  It is different from the top 80 X CTi W model only in that is has a slightly narrower shape, and includes a different binding.  The Vantage 77 X CTi W features an entirely new shape, along with the proven CTi construction found in the super popular, wider Vantage models.  This make-up of this ski is very similar to the Vantage 90 CTi W model, but with a narrower waist and a tighter side cut radius, designed from the ground up to offer the best performance possible on groomers, and also into afternoon bumps and crud.  This is simply one of the best All Day skis on the market for improving lady skiers who prefer groomed runs.  It offers amazing power and edge hold, but at the same time quite a lot of versatility across a wide range of snow conditions.  The Vantage X 77 CTi W features all of Atomic's best technology.  Titanium Backbone and Firewall sidewalls give it excellent stability at speed and outstanding edge hold on hard snow.  The 77mm waist and deep sidecut kills it on the groomers, and still with a bit longer nose shape to offer additional float in a bit of newer, ungroomed snow.  Finally, All Mountain Rocker makes the ski very versatile and user friendly when conditions are variable and bumpy.

Very few skis offer a more sophisticated level of construction.  The Titanium Backbone is unique to Atomic, and offers all the benefits of metal laminate construction (edge, stability and power) but with less weight because it is not a full sheet.  Firewall Sidewalls put more ABS over the edges of the ski to improve contact with the snow, smooth out the ride, and improve stability.  Carbon Tank Mesh puts extra carbon exactly where it is needed (around the skis perimeter at tip and tail) adding power without adding weight.  Atomic makes no compromise on this model.

If you are looking for that new ski to take you to the next level, or want to replace that older ski that you now realize is much too wide to ski well every day, the Atomic Vantage X 77 CTi W should be at the top of your list.  It is simply an amazing ski that will make any good lady skier a better skier.  Check out these features:
  • Titanium Backbone 2.0 is Atomic's latest design using a layer of Titanium/Aluminum alloy that mimics the shape of the human spine.  This component adds very little weight to the ski, but improves its torsional stiffness dramatically.  And, Titanal changes the vibration pattern of the ski so that it is super smooth on the snow.  The Titanium Backbone adds edge hold, stability and power without adding weight.
  • Firewall Sidewalls put more ABS over the edges of the ski in the area under the bindings.  ABS acts as a suspension system for the edges, helping keep them in contact with the snow despite the vibration traveling through the ski's structure.  Atomic puts more ABS into the ski directly under the bindings, for even more stability and edge hold.
  • Carbon Tank Mesh is a brand new type of carbon mesh used on top of the ski's core.  Very large strands of carbon are woven at wider intervals, adding tons of strength and power without adding much weight.
  • Power Woodcore combines firm flexing Ash laminates with lighter, softer flexing Poplar.  The ski has a very light, and lively feel on the snow, but also rebounds quickly from turn to turn, and has a very smooth, powerfull ride.
  • All Mountain Rocker profile with 15% tip rocker, 75% camber, and 10% tail rocker for maximum versatility in any snow condition.  Rocker helps a ski turn much easier when tipped on edge.  It also makes the ski more forgiving in bumpy, uneven snow.  Oh, and it also helps the ski float better in powder.
This ski is only available with Atomic Lithium 10 bindings.  This time tested model uses Z-10 heel and toe components.  Very light, durable and easy to operate.  

Check out the features of the Lithium 10 bindings:

  • Oversized Toe Piece features a very wide wing profile to wrap around the boot toe.  This provides outstanding leverage out to the edges of the ski.



    Integrated mechanical Anti-Friction Device (AFD) provides consistent lateral release with a DIN boot sole.  This sliding AFD is super durable, and offers outstanding contact between the boot sole and ski, even as the boot is moving laterally to absorb high energy shocks.  This new AFD also reduces the need to replace the Teflon piece that is often used where the boot toe rests on the binding platform.


  • Proven design heel - makes this an easy binding to step into.  Nothing is more frustrating than having a difficult time getting back into bindings after a yard sole on steep terrain.  This heel design is proven to be durable, very east to get into (and out of) and very lightweight for ease of handling.



  • This binding has a DIN range of 3 to 10, and will work for any skier with a DIN setting of 4 or higher. That is virtually any adult skier.

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