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Tecnica MachI 100MV ski boots


  • $ 499.00

2019 Tecnica Mach1 100 MV

Tecnica's Mach1 series is a big step forward in ski boot design and performance.  Designed around a concept called Custom Adaptive Shape, legendary Tecnica performance is now offered in a boot that fits very, very well out of the box, but is also super easy to customize if necessary.  The Mach1 series is not only the best fitting Tecnica ever, but also one of the best skiing, high performance boots money can buy.

CAS (Custom Adaptive Fit) is integrated into every component in the ski boot.  The boot can be completely disassembled, with no rivets to drill out anywhere.  The shell, liner and footboard can be very easily modified with basic tools.  Even the tongue has CAS capabilities with a large section on the lower tongue cut out to relieve instep pressure.  This area of the tongue can easily be modified further if you have problem areas on the top of your foot.  Dimples in the surfaces of the shell, liner and foot board act as a road map to mark where changes need to occur.  This type of system has never been used in a ski boot that we know of.

The CAS liner is also very unique, in that it is constructed with very firm, molded outer panels that very specifically match the internal shape of the shell.  This eliminates much of the open space between liner and shell that is a performance disadvantage in most ski boots.  Anything that helps energy travel through the boot to the ski results in quicker response and better control for a good skier.  This liner can be heat molded, but that is not necessary as it will mold well to the foot during use.

How does the Tecnica Mach1 100 MV fit?  Nice close fit for average feet, with quite a bit of toe room in the shell.  It has the perfect blend of snugness for all day performance skiing, and has the extra room up front that many skiers are looking for in a performance ski boot.  Very easy to put on and take off.  Feels firm out of the box, but gets better and better after you've had it on for a few minutes.  Just like any performance boot, it's very important that the boot not be cold when tried on.

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