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2016 K2 Konic78 Ti snow skis with PR 11 bindings


  • $ 447.00

2016 K2 iKonic 80 Ti

  • Dimensions are 119-78-108

  • Sidecut radius is 17 meters (177 cm)

The Konic 78 Ti is an all new model from K2, and is the narrower little brother to the iKonic 85 and 80 Ti which are the top models in this family.  The Konic 78 Ti has a narrower shape than its big brothers, but it also has different core construction.  With a composite core, rather than the wood found in the wider skis, the Konic 78 Ti is more forgiving, with a softer flex pattern and designed to ski at a bit slower speeds.  It will be easy to handle in bumps, and a little bit more forgiving overall.  But, it will not float quite as well in deeper snow, so mostly will be suitable for use on groomers.  This is a great ski choice for a first time ski buyer who is athletic, and wants to improve quickly.

The Konic series is a huge step forward in ski design from K2!  The design gurus at K2 have managed to redefine how an all mountain ski performs.  Featuring K2's all new Konic Technology, this ski feels lighter and quicker, but still as super smooth as its predecessors.  The brand new shape has a tapered nose/tip shape, All Terrain rocker profile and new Konic Technology to give it a lighter, livelier, more playful feel on the snow.  On groomers, the iKonic 80 Ti can carve it up with the best of them, and it handles moderate amounts of un-groomed snow well for a ski that is not wide.  But, where it really shines is in mixed condition afternoons.  For the new skier, all the way to strong intermediate who wants to ski all day, every day, it is hard to imagine a better choice.

Rocker in the tip of the ski really helps it roll up and over anything that comes its way, while making it easier to stay centered over the ski.  On smooth snow this ski feels great, but when it starts to get less than smooth is when it shines best.  The Titanium inside the ski absorbs vibration, and keeps the ski feeling very smooth, even when the snow surface is not.

Konic Technology is about removing weight from the ski without lessening stability and/or edge hold.  Those two characteristics are the hallmarks of a performance ski, and K2 engineers have designed this new ski to be lighter feeling, but without any compromise of these two key characteristics.  Konic is all about concentrating more of the skis mass and weight around the perimeter of the ski, while reducing swing weight and over all weight to improve the skis feel and ease of control.  New Metal Laminate Titanal components are strategically placed over the edges where maximum power and strength is necessary.  Removing part of the metal sheets down the center of the ski removes weight, and gives the ski a livelier feel.  Nanolite Technology replaces denser material in the center of the core with Aerospace composite material to remove even more mass from the ski, and lessen the overall weight of the structure.  These two new engineering concepts, combined with K2's time tested Triaxial braiding and Hybritech top sheet/sidewall result in a ski that is incredibly sophisticated in its construction.

This combination of an all new, super modern shape, Konic metal laminate technology and Nanolite core construction puts this new ski way out in front of its competitors.  This is simply a very good ski, and offers tons of technology and performance at a less than top of the line price.  This is absolutely one of the best multi conditions All Day skis on the market.  Check out the details of the Konic 78 Ti:
  • All Terrain Rocker with an all new tip shape/profile.  The widest point of the sidecut is moved back closer to the center of the ski, extending the tip for improved float in deeper snow.  The result is a ski with a short turn radius and a longer nose section.  This combination of rocker in the tip, and camber throughout the rest of the ski has been proven to work over a very wide range of conditions.
  • Metal Laminate Konic Technology removes metal from the center of the ski.  The dampening qualities we love about metal are still maintained, along with the superior torsional stiffness inherent in metal laminate skis.  Titanal Konic metal layers above and below the core give the ski amazing power and a smooth, damp ride.  K2 perforates these metal layers to remove unnecessary material and lighten up the ski further.  Now, the ski has a much livelier, more playful feel.
  • Composite core with Nanolite Technolgy  K2's slightly softer, and more forgiving composite core construction gives the ski a smooth, lightweight feel with lots of energy rebound.  But now, K2 replaces some of the structure in the center of the ski with super light Aerospace material to remove even more weight.  All the characteristics of K2s time tested cores are maintained, but the overall weight of the ski is reduced.  Lighter, livelier, and yes, more playful is the only way to describe the feel of this new ski on the snow.
  • Hybridtech Sidewall Construction with ABS sidewalls – The Konics Hybridtech top sheet structure combines the power and shock absorbing characteristics of a dual density ABS sidewall under foot with the light feel and quicker turn initiation of a cap construction in the tip and tail.  ABS acts as suspension system for the edges, allowing them to better stay in contact with snow, even when the snow is very hard.  This is the most complex construction K2 makes and delivers forgiving, but un-shakeable performance.
  • New Powder shaped Tapered Tip - Tapered tip shape maximizes surface area in the front of the ski providing exceptional float in deep snow.  Combined with rocker in the tip, this ski can handle deep snow with amazing ease.

This package includes the Tyrolia PR 11 bindings system, which is a great match to this ski performance wise.  The PowerRail system allows the binding to be adjusted to fit any boot, and it also enhances the ski performance compared to a less sophisticated direct mount binding.  PowerRail also allows the boot location to be changed on the ski to maximize performance.  DIN range is 3 to 11, which makes it suitable for just about every adult skier.

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