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2018 Head Raptor 120 men's ski boots (CLEARANCE)

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2018 Head Raptor 120 RS men's ski boots

•  Flex index 120
•  Last width 96mm (26.5 shell)


Raptor is one of the most successful race boot models every built.  Watch World Cup racing, and you will see Raptor.  Look around you on the mountain, and you will see lots of Raptor boots on the best skiers on the hill.  Yes, Raptor is race specific, but it also is a great performance boot for many good skiers.  It offers precision, outstanding energy transmission to the ski, a great low volume fit, and great feel for the snow.  The geometry (forward lean angle, foot board "ramp" angle, upper cuff pivot points) are all state of the art in ski boot design.

Yes, this boot is low volume at 96mm in a 26 shell, but in reality it fits more roomy than many would expect.  It is certainly not for everybody, but if you like a close fitting, super high performance boot, there are not too many that are better.

So, what makes Raptor so special?  There are lots of narrow lasted boots on the market.  Compared to earlier generations, Raptor now has more room in the toes, and a more anatomical shape in the heel.  It also has a different fit through the intersection of the instep and leg, extending deeper into that area to allow better articulation of the ankle joint.  The ramp angle (heel height) is lower, and the forward lean is less than other, older race boot designs.

Check out these features of the Head Raptor RS: 
  • Mono injected shell - Yea, it might be harder to get in and out of than those multi injected boots with soft flaps over the top of the foot, and it doesn't have replaceable soles.  But, that is a small price to pay for a boot that is torsionally super stiff, and that offers the ultimate link between foot and ski.  And, a mono-injected shell is easier to modify where needed.  Grind it, stretch it, punch it out, whatever is necessary to get the ultimate match of shell shape to your foot.  Raptor with HeatFit Pro liners fit very, very well, but it is nice to know that you can have mods made if necessary.

  • SuperHeat Pro Liner - with shock absorbing material behind the leg.

  • Rear Support Tuning - Allows the forward lean to be locked in at multiple different angles, and the flex to be set to 2 different settings (110 and 120 flex)

  • Flex Index is 120/110 -  There is plenty of support for aggressive skiing, but enough forward travel to work perfectly with today's newer, shorter length skis.

  • Adjustable Spoiler - A Velcro spoiler behind the leg can be removed to make the top of the boot larger, or to decrease the forward lean angle.  It can easily be moved to any location necessary to improve support, and the rubber material offers additional shock absorbtion behind the leg. The fit around the top of the leg, and the angle of the cuff is very important for a performance skier. 

  • 96 mm Shell Last (in 26 shell) is a very close fit, but the anatomical shape of the shell allows it to fit a wider range of feet than this number might indicate.  Nice and close in the heel area, but with more room for the toes than other true race type shells.

  • Aluminum buckles are all micro adjustable of course.  Very easy to latch and easy to operate with gloves on.

  • Dual Cuff Cant Alignment - Allows the upper cuff of the boot to be aligned so that your feet are flat on the snow.

  • Lycra Lined Upper Shaft - The foot glides right in thanks to this Lycra slide panel at the back of the cuff, and the pull up handle on the tongue allows the skier to open the boot wide with just one hand.

    How does the Raptor fit?  Very close and snug fit for the average to narrower foot right out of the box.  Fairly cushy for a race boot, but not too mushy for the performance minded freeskier.  If you have a wide foot, or a super high instep, this may not be the best choice for you.  But, for most skiers with average to slightly lower volume feet, this boot will be the perfect choice.  The liner can be heat molded, but this is not necessary, as it will mold itself to your foot during the first few days you ski in it.

    Thanks for looking.  Feel free to challenge us with boot questions.  We love to help.

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