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2018 Nordica Enforcer 100 snow skis with bindings


  • $ 844.00

2018 Nordica Enforcer 100 with PRD 12 MBS bindings (details below)
This package includes our premount service.

    ♦  Dimensions are 133-100-121
    ♦  Sidecut radius is 18.5 meters (185cm)

The Nordica Enforcer is the hottest ski on the planet.  It has totally caused the ski world to rethink how and where a 100 mm wide ski can perform.  This ski has a unique combination of sidecut geometry, and profile shape.  A very short side cut arc, is matched with long, low rise rocker sections at tip and tail.  Combine that with a racing ski type construction, and the result is a ski that is incredibly easy to ski on, amazingly versatile, and is mind blowing smooth and stable.  Nordica has found a magic combination that now has every other ski manufacturer scrambling to catch up.

♦  Full wood core with a Titanal layer above and below, and also with top and bottom layers of carbon reinforced pre-preg fiberglass as well.  This is how race skis are built.  Super stable at speed, great edge hold on hard snow, very powerful when skiing fast through mixed/cut up snow.
♦  Blunt nose and tail shape adds more surface area at the ends of the ski for improved flotation.  Skis don't need to be pointy at the tip, and they are more forgiving when they are rounded at the tail
♦  Very slow rise, long rocker profile at tip and tail.  Because the tip and tail are low to the snow, "rocker rattle" is reduced  and the ski is more stable.  Lower rise rocker also improves rebound from turn to turn when the ski is loaded into its arc.
♦  Very short sidecut ard, ends well back from the tip and forward of the tail.  A small amount of turning edge on the snow makes the ski more maneuverable.
♦  Camber under foot improves ride quality, and gives the ski more power when it is in the turn.  Also improves edge hold on harder snow.

The Head/Tyrolia PRD 12 MBS is a perfect performance match to this ski.  The PowerRail interface is very low, very wide, and very light weight.  This binding is compatible with Alpine, Walk to Ride and Grip walk boots, and will fit any size boot, with no need to redrill any holes ever.  And PowerRail makes experimentation with boot location on the ski very, very easy, with no tools needed to move the binding forward or backward on the ski.  It also has super small increments of adjustment, so your boot location on the ski will be very accurate.  PowerRail can help you be a better skier, because it allows you to find the best place to stand on the ski? 
♦  DIN range of 3 to 12 will work for virtually any adult skier.

The PRD 12 MBS is simply a great match to this ski.  But, if you would like a different binding, please let us know what your preference is.  We will put together a package that is exactly what you want.

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