2018 Radar Senate Graphite slalom water ski (CLEARANCE)

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2018 Radar Senate Graphite slalom ski

Handmade in Seattle, Washington, USA

The Senate is a favorite here at Proskiguy, and it is one of the highest performance skis on the market in 69" for bigger guys that need their water ski adrenaline fix.  Being just slightly wider (.02") than the Vapor, the Senate is the perfect choice for those of us who are serious about our slalom skiing, but are not going to be doing it at 36 mph.  At 32 to 34 mph, this ski just totally rocks.  The small amount of extra width makes the ski easier to get up on, and lowers drag when skiing.  Expend less energy getting out of the water, and with less drag on top of the water, anyone can ski longer sets on the Senate.  But then, take it into a slalom course, and can totally rock into short line lengths.

Radar says of the Senate, "The irony of our Senate shape being based on the Vapor is that the features arguably function better at the intended lower speed of this shape. Adding additional mass to the front of the ski maintains speed into the turn and keeps the tip braced. At .2” wider than Vapor, the additional surface area reduces friction and makes gaining and keeping speed easier. Bottom line, Senates are the most universal ski on the water. With course capability into -41off and a freeride turn radius suited for your favorite shoreline, this ski matches your ability level, no matter what that may be."

The Senate comes in both Graphite and Alloy versions.  The Senate Graphite offered here is built with a 100% full graphite layup around a machined PU core.  This large amount of graphite makes the ski much more responsive because it returns to its natural state very quickly after arcing through the turn,  and transitioning into the pull phase as the ski accelerates.  This translates into faster acceleration and more angle into, and through the wakes.  This machined Aerocore has the tightest tolerances possible, so each and every ski is exactly as it is designed to be.  If you are looking for that thing to take your skiing to the next level, this Graphite construction can be just that thing.

The Graphite Senate also includes Radar's adjustable fin.  For a serious slalom junkie, the adjustable fin is an absolute must have.  No ski can be totally dialed in to fit you unless the fin can be adjusted to fit your style and needs.  Small adjustments of a fin can make amazing changes to you your ski performs for you.  Of course, an aluminum wing is also included with this fin.  And, after the sale, we are always available here to help you with fin adjustments to improve the feel of your ski, and your performance on the water.  Just give us a call, or drop us an email.

Senate Graphite features:

- Machined AeroCore is very precisely shaped

- 100% Carbon laminates offers maximum responsiveness
   Carbon returns to its shape very efficiently after flexing.  This allows the ski to finish the arc, and return to its unflexed shape very quickly and with less "whippiness" when turning pressure is released.

- .2” wider Blueprint slightly reduces drag, and is perfectly tuned for speeds up to 34 mph

- TruLine binding inserts make screw pullouts a thing of the past

- Dura Base polymer resin bottom relieves surface tension, so the ski moves through the water more efficiently

- 5 Speed Rail is the first rail bevel design made of smaller flat and round bevels combined.
This multi-faceted configuration of the rail bevel combines the benefits of both round and sharp bevels at the same time.

- Rocker profile and sidecut shape are both maximized to combine efficiency and stability in this ski shape.
Maximum effective edge in the water at all times equals more stability and consistency. This ski is very easy for the rider to maintain proper body position on the ski in both the turn and pull phases. In other words, it is very forgiving to ski on.

- Recommended max speed 34mph

What you’ll feel: 

Carbon fiber rebounds 8X faster than fiberglass. This reduction in reaction time gives you an immediate power boost during hole shot at the finish of the turn. Simply put, you're running on race fuel. With all this extra firepower, the Senate Graphite is equally at home in and out of the course.

Thanks for looking.  Let us know if you have questions.  We like to help water skiers choose the best possible ski gear.

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