2018 Radar Vapor Graphite slalom water ski (CLEARANCE)

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2018 Radar Vapor Graphite slalom ski

This model is available here only as a factory special.  It will be unused, but will have a small cosmetic flaw somewhere on the ski.  There will be no impact on performance of the ski, and a full Radar warranty included.  Let us know if you have questions about this, or anything else about this ski.

The Vapor is all new for 2018, and is Radar's top performance model.  It is available in 3 different versions/builds which are all exactly the same shape.  The Vapor Graphite is the most versatile construction, performing well in open water and also in a slalom course.  Vapor incorporates all of Radar's best design features, and is the highest performance slalom ski in the Radar line, with the highest speed range.

Vapor Graphite is all about the best slalom performance possible no mater where it is skied.  The polyurethane foam core absorbs vibration better in chop for a smoother ride.  This PU core is then wrapped with 100% graphite, resulting in very light weight, but also allowing the ski to return to its relaxed state more quickly when pressure is released at the end of the turn.  This generates maximum angle to the wake and very quick acceleration.

Designed to be skied at 34 to 36 mph, the Vapor's personality is that it carries lots and lots of speed into the turn.  Because its wide high volume concave creates lots of grip on the water, this ski can turn very tight without the need to slow down as much as other skis.  A ski that carries more speed into the turn will be easier to accelerate out of the turn.

Handmade in Seattle, Washington, USA

There are lots of features and design tech built into the Radar Vapor Graphite.

•  CoreFlex is a series of corrugated ridges across the tip of the ski.  This shape allows the tip to flex when pressured at the end of the turn. The ski is easier to turn,  quicker to accelerate, and more angle is created toward the wake with less effort by the skier.

•  More Tip Rocker - the rocker section in the front of the ski begins just ahead the front binding. This makes the ski easier to turn, and also makes it harder to bury the tip if you get too far forward in the turn.  Increased, longer rocker also helps the ski finish of the turn more quickly increasing angle toward the wake.

•  A Flat Spot under the bindings is the balance point of this ski. Positioning this point strategically at the toes of the front foot allows the skier to have a balanced, easy place to stand before and during the turn. A well balanced position creates confidence and consistency on both sides of the wake.

•  Behind the flat spot, the rocker shape in the back of the ski has been moved forward for 2019.  This moves the pivot point of the turn forward allowing for a tighter radius turn.

•  Straight Lines through the center section of the ski make this ski very fast out of the turn and across the wake. The lack of outside radius decreases drag for faster acceleration out of the turn.  The ski speeds up with less effort, reducing fatigue while maximizing acceleration.

•Edge Angle is maximized with the narrower overall width of the Vapor shape.  A narrower ski is quicker to turn, and easier to keep on edge through the wakes when skiing in open water, or in a slalom course.

Here is what you’ll feel on the water.  Carbon fiber rebounds much quicker than fiberglass. This reduction in reaction time gives you an immediate hole shot at the end of the turn. The Machined AeroCore is a damper, more forgiving feel than PVC, making it easier to ski in variable conditions.  This Radar Graphite construction is an excellent ride both in and out of the course.  The rocker profile of this ski in the front section makes it much harder to get in trouble when the skier gets too far forward on the ski.  The new narrower shape turns incredibly easy, and very tight.  And, then, this ski accelerates like a rocket when you begin the pull to the wake.

Thanks for looking.  Let us know if you have questions.  We love to help, so give us a call if you want to chat about this ski, or about water skis, bindings, or whatever you like to do behind your boat.

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