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2019 Rossignol AllTrack 120 men's ski boots (CLEARANCE)

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2019 Rossignol AllTrack 120

  • 120 Flex rating
  • 102mm last width

The AllTrack series has been a huge hit for Rossignol.  This collection is the one of the best examples of fusion between alpine on trail and All Terrain hikeable ski boots.  The Posi-Block ski/hike switch on the back of the boot is incredibly easy to use, and the boot was designed around this feature from the ground up.  Rossi has really hit a home run with the all new AllTrack boot series.  Range of motion in hike mode is excellent, and alpine downhill performance is outstanding as well.  Alltrack 120 is simply a great option to allow you easy to access to an entire world of "out of area" or "side country" skiing.  Or, perhaps you just want a boot that just makes it easier to walk and stand still.  Either way, All Track is absolutely a great boot.

OptiSensor liners bring a whole new level of fit comfort to this group of boots, and this Thermo Optisensor 3D is the best version available of this new liner.  It is shaped incredibly well to match the inside of the shell, so there is very little dead space between liner and shell.  Inside the liner, it is firm, but very well premolded to match the shape of a foot.  The shell shape is also very anatomically desinged, so that the fit out of the box is very, very good.

The AllTrack 120 is the firmest flexing model in this family of boots with the slightly wider 102mm shell width.  It is just slightly softer flexing than the 130 Pro version, which is also narrower.  It has the same top of the line 3D T2  liner featuring Thinsulate, and the same shell design, slightly wider, built entirely using PolyUrethane material.

Check out these features of the Rossignol AllTrack 120:

  • Sensor Grid shell construction has a grid pattern molded into the shell shape.  This grid makes the boot stiffer from side to side, while allowing it to be light weight and a bit more flexible forward.
  • Grip soles and arches are rubber inserted/coated to provide increased traction when hiking on ice and rocks.
  • Posi-Block ski/hike switch on the back of the cuff allows for a very wide range of motion when unlocked.  Combined with the liner that is designed to work with this system, makes this one of the easiest hiking ski boots available.
  • Thermo OptiSensor 3D T2 liner fits the inside shape of the shell very closely.  Less dead space between liner and shell means that the boot needs less break in to arrive at its final shape.  Thinsulate insulated for max.  Bottom line, this is the best fitting Rossi boot ever right out of the box.  This is the stiffest, firmest liner available in this series.
  • Easy Entry notches molded into the plastic along the instep area allow for super easy entry and exit for the foot.  But, the traditional 4 buckle overlap performance is not compromised at all.
  • 102mm Last - This is the shell width most skiers will find the most comfortable.  Rossignol doesn't simply add 2mm all the way through the length of the boot.  The heel area is still performance snug, and there is just a bit more from at the toes and over the feet.   Close fitting enough to offer top performance, but roomy enough for all day comfort.  THIS IS A BOOT THAT WILL WORK WELL FOR AVERAGE TO A BIT WIDER FEET.
  • Wide Velcro Power Strap (45 mm wide)  - Better wrap around the boot top.
  • Full Polyurethane shell construction - PU is considered to be the best skiing shell material found in high performance boots.  It transmits energy very well, and can be easily modified by heating or grinding as needed.  Because this lower shell is a single molded PU, this is a boot that is easy to modify, but that will seldom be necessary because it fits so well.

How does the AllTrack 120 fit?  Fits average to a bit wider feet well, with quite a bit of toe room in the shell.  This 102mm shell width definitely has more room than the Pro, 100mm models in the All Track family.  It has a good blend of snugness for performance skiing, but is also very "all day comfortable" for most skiers.  Very easy to put on and take off.  Feels firm out of the box, but gets better and better after you've had it on for a few minutes.  Just like any performance boot, it's very important that the boot not be cold when tried on.  Can also be retrofitted with Walk To Ride soles, making it even better for hiking, and compatible with AT specific bindings!

This is a great, very cool new ski boot.  If you are ready to make the step up to a performance ski boot, the AllTrack 120 should be on your list.  We love to help our customers make good ski gear choices.  We are your hometown ski shop on the web!  Call or email us with any questions.

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