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ROSSIGNOL 2018 Rossignol Pure Pro 80W ladies ski boots (CLEARANCE) - ProSkiGuy

2018 Rossignol Pure Pro 80W ladies ski boots (CLEARANCE)


  • $ 327.00

2018 Rossignol Pur 80W

The Rossignol Pure models for women are totally brand new, they are really, really amazing.  Fit is awesome, and they are a really good choice fit for most women.  Rossi has done a really good job of building this series in a wide variety of widths and with different flexes.  But, perhaps this Pure Pro 80 is the perfect model of this entire family of new boots.  It has a lady specific upper cuff, lined with Merino wool that fits the shape of the female lower leg very, very well.  And, its flex is not too soft and not too stiff.  Its fit is not too snug, and not too roomy.  For the advancing lady skier, who is choosing her first pair of performance oriented boots, this is just a really, really great choice.

The Pure Pro 80W features Rossignol's cushiest OptiSensor liner which fits great out of the box, but can also be heat molded if desired.  The flex is adjustable via the removable bolts on the back of the cuff, and the single molded lower shell is easy to modify (stretch, grind or lengthen) if that becomes necessary just like the highest performance boots on the market.  It is just an outstanding value and one of the best designed, and best executed new boots to come to the market in a very long time.

Check out these features of the brand new Rossignol Pure Pro 80W:

  • Merino Wool Furrrrr lined innerboot - fur just feels great, holds the foot very well, and traps more air so it is warmer.  We all need this!
  • Sensor Blade shell construction has a grid pattern molded into the shell shape.  This grid makes the boot stiffer from side to side, while allowing it to be light weight and a bit more flexible forward.
  • Posi-Block ski/hike switch on the back of the cuff allows for a very wide range of motion when unlocked.  Combined with the liner that is designed to work with this system, makes this one of the easiest hiking ski boots available.
  • OptiSensor PU liner fits the inside shape of the shell very closely.  Less dead space between liner and shell means that the boot needs less break in to arrive at its final shape.  Bottom line, this is the best fitting Rossi boot ever right out of the box.  This is the cushiest, most comfort oriented liner available in this series.
  • Easy Entry notches molded into the plastic along the instep area allow for super easy entry and exit for the foot.  But, the traditional 4 buckle overlap performance is not compromised at all.
  • 100mm Last - This is the shell width that most performance minded skiers should choose.  Close fitting enough to offer a good level of performance, but with just a bit of extra room for all day comfort.  THIS IS A BOOT that has a good chance of working FOR SLIGHTLY NARROWER FEET, but fits average, mainstream feet very, very well.
  • Wide Velcro Power Strap (45 mm wide)  - Better wrap around the boot top, and not often found on boots in this price range.
  • Two piece Polyurethane shell construction - PU is premier shell material used in ski boots today.  The density of PU plastic makes the boot very lively and quick from turn to turn.  It also offers outstanding stiffness side to side for max edge hold and control at higher speeds.  PU is also less temperature sensitive than other materials, so it stiffens and softens less with changes in weather.  Because this lower shell is a single molded material, this is a boot that is easy to modify.  But that will seldom be necessary because it fits so well.

How does the Pure Pro 80W fit?  Fits average to slightly NARROWER feet very well, with a nice bit of toe room in the toe box.  It has the perfect blend of snugness and "all day comfort" for skiers who demand comfort and performance in one boot.  Very easy to put on and take off.  Feels snug out of the box, but gets better and better after you've had it on for a few minutes.  Just like any ski boot, it's very important that the boot not be cold when tried on.  Can also be retrofitted with Walk To Ride soles, making it even better for hiking, and compatible with AT specific bindings!

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