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2019 Sheeva 9 ladies snow skis with bindings (CLEARANCE)


  • $ 597.00

2019 Blizzard Sheeva 9 with RX 12 bindings (binding details below).
We like this binding on this ski very much, but if you have a different preference in binding choice, please let us know. 

♦  Ski Dimensions are 124-92-114.
♦  Side cut radius is 14 meters (164 cm)
The new Blizzard all mountain freeride Sheeva models have been huge hit for Blizzard.  And, for 2019 there is a new model in this family with a super versatile 92mm waist width.

Blizzard's Sheeva Freeride models are a unique construction, utilizing a concept called D.R.T.  This Titanal component is a sheet of metal, full width under the binding area, but tapering toward the ski's center as it extends toward the tip and tail.  It ends just before the uplift of the rocker profile at the tip and tail.  DRT provides superior edge hold and stability, but at the same time, makes the ski more forgiving because it is less torsionally rigid at the tip and tail.  Compared to the Black Pearl models, this ski is more stable, has better edge hold, and at the same time is better in deeper snow.

The Sheeva 9 also includes Blizzard's Women's Specific Design (W.D.S.) with lady specific features inside.  A uni-directional carbon layer is integrated into a very light, wood core sandwich construction.  This ensures lightness, stability, smoothness and torsional rigidity.  WDS offers the perfect blend of lightweight and performance by reducing weight without sacrificing performance.

We have this ski matched up the Tyrolia RX12 binding.  This model from Tyrolia has everything a performance lady skier wants in a binding at a great price.  High performance toe and heel comes from Tyrolia's classic race inspired components.  The RX 12 is super easy to get in and out of, even in deeper snow, and offers outstanding control of the ski.  Check out the features of the Tyrolia RX 12 Diagonal bindings:

♦  Tyrolia Lite Diagonal TRP Toe - can release in any direction from horizontal to vertical.  Offers very good protection in combined twisting falls.
♦  TRP toe is light in weight, with a good firm link between boot toe and ski.  Four roller bearings built into the very wide wings in contact with the boot toe minimize friction as the boot toe moves laterally to filter out vibrations, and also provide a low friction interface when the boot needs to release from the system.
♦  Integrated mechanical Anti-Friction Device (AFD) provides consistent lateral release with a DIN boot sole.  This AFD under the boot toe is super durable, and offers outstanding contact between the boot sole and ski, even as the boot is moving side to side to absorb high energy shocks.  There is no Teflon piece under the boot toe to wear out, or get compromised with dirt, degrading the ability of the binding to release the boot.
♦  Diagonal releasing heel is a proprietary Tyrolia feature.  Like other binding designs, this heel can release straight up.  But, unlike every other heel on the market, it can also release in a 45 degree diagonal direction as the boot moves vertically when it is releasing from the ski.  If for some reason, in a forward fall combined with twisting force, the Diagonal heel can relieve this twisting force if the toe cannot (such as when one ski is trapped under another, or under an obstacle)
♦  Easy Step in Heel design  makes this the easiest binding in this category to step into, and one of the most durable bindings money can buy.  Nothing is more frustrating than having a difficult time getting back into bindings after a yard sole on steep terrain.  This heel design is proven to be super durable, and suepr easy to get into (and out of).

There is simply no easier binding to use, and it performs great as well.  ♦  DIN range of 3 to 12, and will work for any skier with a DIN setting of 4 or higher. This is the choice for any good adult skier.

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