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2020 Atomic Hawx Ultra 100 men's ski boots

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2020 Atomic Hawx Ultra 100 men's ski boots

Hawx Ultra is a newer series bot ski boots, based on the top selling Hawx Prime shell design, but with a narrower/lower volume fit.   This Hawx Ultra 100 is a great choice for the intermediate guy who has narrower feet, and needs a ski boot that will hold this type of foot securely, but comfortably.  Until recently, the only choice for skiers with low volume/narrower feet was to pruchase a race boot.  But, thanks to Atomic, that is no longer the case.  This boots skis well anywhere on the mountain, and is a great choice for the first time performance boot buyer who is looking for a medium flex boot to help develop skiing skills.  This boot is feature wise nearly identical to the best selling Atomic Hawx Prime 100, but with a narrower fit.

This boot has lots of innovative features not found on any other ski boot on the market.  Check these out.
•  PROLITE SHELL - Prolite design is a way of building ski boots that turns traditional thinking on its head. Instead of starting with a standard construction and cutting material away to save weight, Atomic engineers did the opposite.  This design starts with the slimmest possible profile, and then it builds up reinforcements in key areas where strength is needed.
•  TRUE FLEX - It’s common knowledge that ski boots stiffen up when it gets cold, or become softer in warm conditions. True Flex is an exclusive Atomic shell material that means your flex and feel remains constant in a variety of temperatures. So the boot you buy in store feels the same on the mountain, you don’t lose horsepower in the spring and you don’t have a boot you can’t flex mid-winter.
•  Energy Backbone is a reinforced, asymmetric backbone built into the back of the upper cuff, providing extra strength for powerful skiing plus enhanced lateral energy transmission for better edge grip.

A ski boot is only as good as the liner inside it, and Atomic engineers have done innovative things with the liner found in this model as well.
•  Memory Fit 3D Gold is a great fitting, good skiing and all day comfortable liner.  It features pre-shaped thermoformable heel and ankle areas, which creates a snug anatomical fit around the heel and ankle for a better foot hold.  There are no pressure points from the very first time the boot is put on. Then for continuous comfort, it has a 1-piece toe box that precisely follows the shape of the shell, and surrounds the foot with comfortable foam.
•  Thinsulate is the best insulation available to keep your feet as warm as possible
•  Liner is very closely molded to exactly fit the inside shape of the shell.  Less break in time is required, and the boot fits very well right out of the box.  It is also very stiff laterally, increasing edge to edge stiffness of the boot for maximum power to the ski's edges.

This is a great ski boot for the advancing intermediate.  Atomic says, "Atomic Hawx Ultra 100 is the most flexible and forgiving of our lightweight Hawx Ultra range, offering the Legendary Hawx Feel and comfort in a narrow fit. Step into the pre-shaped Memory Fit 3D Silver liner, and you’ll know you found a boot you’ll like – take a few minutes for the Memory Fit thermoforming process, and you’ll have a boot you love. Featuring Prolite – our revolutionary method of light construction with reinforcement where it counts – it’s part of the lightest alpine ski boot range we’ve ever made, without sacrificing any of its power. The Atomic Hawx Ultra 100 is a feel-good, do-it-all boot that’s going to make your ski day better, not worse.."

How does the Atomic Hawx Ultra 100 fit?  The 98mm shell last fits narrow, low volume feet very well.  This is definitely a performance fit, and very firm inside, but not nearly as restrictive as a race boot.  If you do not have narrow feet (and you will know it if you do)  this boot will likely be too restrictive.  A volume reducing shim is included in the box to adjust for low insteps.  And, this boot can be heat molded (liner and shell) in the event that it is too snug out of the box.

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