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2020 Atomic Vantage 79 Ti snow skis with bindings

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2020 Atomic Vantage 79 Ti snow skis with bindings
  • Dimensions are 121-79-106.5
  • Sidecut radius is 16.1 meters (171cm)

The Atomic Vantage 79 Ti is loaded with Atomic's best features at a remarkable price.  Like other vantage models, it is a major step up in technology and engineering, and it also sets a high bar in terms of construction.   The Vantage 79 Ti features Atomic's ground breaking ProLite construction.  ProLite is all about making the ski lighter, without compromising performance, and Atomic has done exactly that.  The new Vantage 79 Ti has a super smooth feel on the snow, and is amazingly light and easy to move around.  It is quite stable, and offers good edge grip on groomers, but can also handle moderate amounts of new, ungroomed snow.  This is simply a very good ski, but when compared to other skis at this same price, it is an amazing ski.  It offers really great technology and top of the line construction at an unexpected price.

The ProLite concept starts with a brand new, super slim core and then completely removing sections of the core just in front and behind the binding area.  Both of these areas are then strengthened with Titanal mesh that covers the ProLite recesses, and wraps up and over the core that surrounds them.  The end result is an entirely new way of building skis, and they feel incredibly light.  It is amazing that a ski with this much tech can be sold at such a low price.

The Vantage 79 Ti C is built exactly the same as the wider and more expensive Vantage 90 and 97 Ti models.  So, this model is not so much about lower performance than its more expensive sibling, but really more about choosing a different width and type of performance.  This ski, with its narrower waist is more on trail oriented, than the wider models.  With the same rocker/camber profile, it is also skis great when conditions get bumpy and trashy (like every afternoon), or maybe it's the choice for someone who simply prefers a narrower ski.  Check out this list of features of the new all Atomic Vantage 79 Ti:

  • Prolite constructed chassis removes mass from the center of the ski in front of and behind the bindings.  Less weight makes the ski more maneuverable, and simply makes skiing.  Atomic does this with no trade off in performance.  Lighter Is Better (LIB).
  • All mountain camber/rocker 10/90/0 is the most ontrail profile of the women's vantage models.  More camber, and less rocker equals a smoother ride, better edge hold and a livelier feel from turn to turn.  With less rocker (and no tail rocker) this ski is more groomer oriented.
  • Titanium Mesh from tip to tail reinforces the ski for outstanding edge hold and, reinforces the Prolite areas.  Feels super smooth feel on the snow but still with lots of rebound energy from turn to turn.
  • Light Wood Core uses specifically chosen species of wood to minimize weight without sacrificing performance.  Wood cores ski better because they are smoother feeling on the snow and very lively from turn to turn.
  • Energy Backbone layer inside the ski gives it additional torsional stiffness and excellent rebound from turn to turn.
  • Cap/Sidewalls positions an ABS sidwall in the center of the ski, for smooth ride and good edge grip, morphing to a rolled over cap top sheet at the ends of the ski.  This combination provides a great blend of stability, grip but with more rebound from turn to turn.

This ski is available only with the high performance FT 12 GW binding system (by Salomon).  Adjusts to fit any boot, including the new Grip Walk boots just coming onto the market.  And, this binding system also allows for easy experimentation of the boot location on the ski so you can find the perfect place to stand on the ski for best performance ... for you.

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