2020 Nordica Astral 84 ladies snow skis

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2020 Nordica Astral 84 ladies snow skis

  • Dimensions are 120-84-105
  • Sidecut radius = 14 meters  (158 cm)

The Astral 84 brings a whole new level of versatility to front side, on trail skis ladies skis. One look will tell you these are definitely skis designed to ski on trail; camber in the center and tail section, a lower, square shaped tail, and narrower waist widths make these skis very, very good on smooth snow.  Carve very easy, smooth ride, quick from edge to edge.  But, at the same time, the tip section is shaped and has rocker profile inspired by Nordica's super hot Santa Ana collection.  So, get this ski in small amounts of new powder, and it skis amazingly well.  The long, slow rise rockered tip provides a surprising amount of flotation for a ski of this modest waist width.  For a skier who is primarily skiing on trail, Astral totally redefines what an All Day, Every Day ski can be.

At the same time, the construction of the Astral series is totally unique among today's skis.  Using a component called a Hex Titanium Bridge, Nordica gives this ski the stability and edge hold of Titanium, but with a much lighter weight, and a much more playful feel on the snow.  Hex Titanium Bridge offers all the benefits of Titanal without the heavier, less playful feel.

The Astral 84 is the middle ski in this collection, and is one of the best value performance skis on the market.  Not quite as good off trail as its wider sister, but totally kills it in bumpy, trashy and groomer conditions.  But, even in moderate amounts of new snow, this ski is capable of putting a smile on your face.  And, at 84mm wide underfoot, it is super nimble from turn to turn and quite tight turning.  Feels very agile and playful on the snow, but also feels smooth, stable and powerful at the same time.

For many lady skiers, especially us weekend warriors, this ski is an incredibly good choice.  We like to help our customers make ski choices.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  We are your hometown ski shop on the web!

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