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2021 Nordica Enforcer 100 snow skis

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2021 Nordica Enforcer 100 snow skis.

  • Dimensions = 132.5-100-120.5
  • Sidecut radius = 17.3 meters (179 cm)

Enforcer 100 is all new for 2021!  The hottest ski in recent history returns with an all new shape and construction.  It is daunting to improve one of the best performing and best selling skis every offered, but Nordica is up to the task.  This new Enforcer 100 raises the bar even higher.

•  True Tip Technology consists of a longer wood core, extending further into the rocker profile at both ends of the ski.  This allows the heavier urethane extenders inside the tip and tail to be made shorter, reducing swing weight substantially.  True Tip gives the ski a lighter, more playful feel, while maintaining the Enforcer's incredibly smooth, powerful ,and stable feel that skiers have loved so much.

•  Full length Carbon reinforcement running tip to tail is 35% lighter than the fiberglass it replaces.  Carbon adds stability, and reduces weight, making the ski lighter and easier to move around on the snow.  Less weight, with an increase in performance and versatility.

•  All new shapes have closer sizing gaps, making it easier to choose exactly the size that you want.  Also, tip and tail widths get wider as the skis get longer, so each size has a specific geometry all its own.

There are a lot of new design elements built into this new Enforcer 100, but what has not changed is everything that the Enforcer is so famous for.  Full wood core with Titanal sheets above and below, long slow rise rocker profile, and ABS sidewalls.  What sets the Enforcer apart from other skis is the great care Nordica engineers have taken to build a ski that takes into account what good skiers everywhere really want; versatility, performance, and ease of use.  This new Enforcer is even easier to ski on than the original, and yet capable of even more performance.

The amazing new Enforcer 100 from Nordica redefines what an all mountain ski can be.  It has plenty of width to float well in deeper snow, but at the same time, has a very short sidecut arc that allows it to be very nimble and quick from edge to edge on groomers.  Its long, low rise rocker profile at tip and tail provides excellent flotation in powder, while it twin metal laminate construction with ABS sidewalls make it very powerful in crud, and super stable when going fast.

Never before has any ski maker combined all of these characteristics into a single ski model as successfully as Nordica has here.  Especially if you are an off trail oriented skier, and maybe want to only own one pair of skis, Enforcer 100 should be at the top of your list.  Pow, bumps, crud, hardpack, morning groomers; there are no bad days when you own the Nordica Enforcer 100.

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