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2018 Dalbello Kyra 75 ladies ski boots (CLEARANCE)

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2018 Dalbello Kyra 75

This boot returns for 2018 with an all new look, and improved liner.

Kyra 75 is a very exciting, and totally unique ski boot for lady skiers.  Dalbello has well established itself as a top boot brand in the world by designing ski boots with 3 piece shell architecture that work really, really well with today's ski designs.  And, Kyra is THE ONLY lady specific 3 piece shell design on the market.  It is a totally different concept for ladies than anything else offered, by Dalbello or any other manufacturer, for lady skiers.  It is designed specifically to fit a ladies' foot, a ladies' leg, and a ladies' performance needs.

Kyra is a totally different, 3 buckle configuration unlike any other ladies' boot on the market.  But, don't let less buckles fool you.  This 3 buckle Kyra offers more control over fit than just about any other boot available.  The key is the unique Dynalink buckle system located in the instep area, that offers the ability to adjust heel hold, without affecting fit around the leg, and/or around the foot.  And, Kyra also offers a Ski/Walk mechanism on the back of the boot, making this boot extra easy to stand in and walk in.  Additionally, the upper cuff height is shorter, so this boot fits a ladies' calf length really well.  Other cool features on this model include a variable cuff size adjustment at the top of this shorter cuff to allow for a variable fit around a ladies leg at the top of the boot.  Also includes a heel height adjustment with allows even more customization of the leg fit inside the upper portion of the boot.  Cant angle (side to side) is included so you can be sure your boots are setup so that your skis are flat on the snow.  And, it has a two position flex adjustment, allowing it to be skied at a softer, or stiffer setting.

Kyra includes Dalbello's innovative Rocker Balanced Stance geometry, which is designed to make skiing easier and more comfortable.  With a lower heel height (ramp angle) and a more upright cuff angle (forward lean) this boot is easier to spend an entire day in, and it performs better with today's wider, rockered ski designs.  You will ski better, ski longer, and ski with less fatigue than in another ski boot without RBS geometry.

Three piece designed boots are certainly no longer a new idea, but no company has engineered and offered more new 3 piece design boots than Dalbello.  Dalbello was 3 piece BEFORE being 3 piece was new!  The heart of the Kyra's design is Dalbello's well proven Cabriolet design.  Although 3 piece boots have many fit and performance advantages, there are three main features that are most obvious; (1) The forward flex and lateral stiffness are separated from each other, (2) the location of the innovative Dynalink buckle holds the foot down and back in the shell better than any other buckle system on the market, and (3) the lower cuff hinge points allow a very natural movement of the leg fore and aft, and superior side to side (cant) angle adjustment to ensure the ski is riding flat on the snow.

Because Kyra is the only boot on the market to offer a 3 piece shell design with a medium, mainstream fit, and with lady specific features, it truly is a unique ski boot choice for ladies.  This Kyra 75 has all important features to be found in the Kyra series, with a few less bells and whistles than the more expensive, stiffer models in this group.  It offers the same really nice fit right out of the box, and will mold well to your foot during the first few days of skiing.  Like all Tru Fit liners, it can also be heated to conform to the shape of your foot more quickly.  The Kyra 75 is the boot that most lady skiers should choose as their first pair of ski boots.  Enough performance to get past the beginner stage, not too stiff so it is very forgiving, and still loaded with adjustments.

How does the Kyra 75 fit?  The overall shape of the boot fits medium to slightly wider than an average volume foot.  Width is average, the toe box is roomy and the heel pocket is nice and snug.  The instep is slightly HIGHER than many overlap boots, and the upper cuff is a bit SHORTER (shorter yet if the spoiler is removed) and snug.  If you have wider feet, a higher instep, or larger calves, this will be a great choice for you.  It is easy to adjust this boot in the lower leg to fit different leg sizes. 

Here is a great price on a top performance boot and FREE shipping as well!  Grab this deal up while supplies last.  Compare to any high end boot, and you will see that this is a major good deal.  Drop us an email with any questions or give us a shout.

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