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Head AdaptEdge 125 ski boots

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2016 Head AdaptEdge 125 

Head has been making some of the best fitting, best skiiing boots in the world for many years, but up until recently they have received very little attention in the US market.  They are no longer flying under the radar.  Now, with an UBER successful World Cup racing team (i.e. Bodie Miller, Lindsey Vonn, Ted Ligety, Didier Cuche), and freeskiing legends Jon Olsson and Simon Dumont all skiing on Head product by choice, not because Head pays them big money, Head has proven to the world that athletes who make a living on the podium choose Head equipment when they need to win.

AdaptEdge is the latest incarnation of the Edge series boots that have sold in huge numbers over the past 10 years or so to skiers looking for more room in their higher performance boots.  Up until recently, almost all roomier boots were soft, low performance models.  With the Edge series, Head finally combined performance and roominess in a boot that skis great, and offers all day comfort at the same time.

The new AdaptEdge design is game changing, in that it allows the skier to adjust the shape of the boot's shell with the tool provided.  Adaptive Fit Technology narrows the width of the shell 2mm with a quick turn of the bolt head on the bottom of the boot.  This newest generation of Edge shells are very anatomically shaped and just fit very, very well right out of the box.  Head also engineered the AdaptEdge models with a triple injection frame to give the boot power and support where you need it most, and softer materials elsewhere to optimize comfort.  AdaptEdge gives good skiers with wider feet, or who simply want a roomier boot, a great skiing, high performance boot with room everywhere you need it.

The AdaptEdge 125 is the top AdaptEdge model for men, and is stiffer than any boot Head has ever offered in any Edge model.  It has the stiffest flex, best liner, and best shell material offered in the AdaptEdge family.  For a guy who is advanced level skier, the AdaptEdge 125 is simply a great boot, and it includes many very cool fit features.  For the skier who wants the ultimate in comfort, perfectly firm fit, and roominess along with great performance too, this is a perfect choice.  Check out these features on the Head AdaptEdge 125 :

  • Triple Injected Energy Frame shell - Harder and softer plastics are used in different zones as needed to improve fit, comfort and performance. For instance, the flaps over the instep area are softer, allowing the shell to wrap over and close tightly on the top of the foot. The lower shell area is stiffer plastic, allowing for maximum energy transfer to the ski area.  This is a very easy boot to get into.  Upper and lower shell are both constructed with Polyurethane, the best shell material available.

  • PerfectFit HP Liner - Head's top liner in this group with a performance fit that is also very comfortable.  Firmer than lesser AdaptEdge and Next Edge models, it is a perfect blend of comfort and performance.  Just enough cush to be very, very comfortable out of the box and enough firmness to ski well also.  PerfectFit liners can be heat molded, but they fit so nicely out of the box this is almost never necessary.  Heating the liner tends to make it bigger everywhere.  It will mold to the foot nicely as the boot is skied in.

  • Adjustable Rear spoiler - Allows the rear of the cuff to be adjusted to fit different leg sizes and lengths.  A taller skier/smaller leg will leave the cuff set smaller as it comes out of the box.  A little bit shorter/larger leg will fit better if the cuff is opened larger at the top.  Ski boots that fit poorly at the top of the boot are a very common problem.  This Adjustable Rear spoiler is the perfect solution to this common problem.

  • Flex Index is 125/115 - A quick turn of a screw on the back of the boot adjusts the boot from stiffer to softer.  There is enough support for an aggressive skier, but it is still flexes easily to work well with today's modern, shorter length skis.  Poly-urethane is the most common material for high performance ski boots because it is springier, and transmits energy better than other lighter weight materials.  This model has a full poly-urethane lower shell and upper cuff.
  • 102-104mm Shell Last with Adaptive Fit Technology - with a turn of a screw on the bottom of the boot, the last width can be adjusted from 102-104mm.  Out of the box, it is in its roomiest setting.  Just a quick turn of the included allen wrench, and the forefoot is adjusted to fit snugger for a smaller width foot, or to get getter response and feel for the snow.

  • Double Power Lever SpineTech aluminum buckles are micro-adjustable and designed to be operated with gloves.  The two upper buckles have a flip out lever than allows the skier to close them tightly around the leg with much less effort than a normal buckle.  No longer will you have to ask someone to help you buckle your boots tighter while you have your skis on because you have no leverage to close the buckles.  The lower buckles are micro-adjustable also.

  • SoftWalk Heel makes walking around on slippery snow covered surfaces a little bit easier.  Softer grippy inserts allow the boot to have better traction when you need it most.

  • Dual cuff alignment allows the boot to be adjusted so the ski sits flat on the snow.  A flat ski offers better control from edge to edge, and faster gliding.

How does the AdaptEdge 125 fit?  Very comfortable and supportive fit for the slightly wider foot right out of the box, and with a good amount of toe room.  A little roomier inside than most other boots at this performance level.  For narrower feet, the boot can be adjusted closer using the Adaptive Fit systemFor skiers with higher volume feet, this boot will be the perfect choice right out of the box.  The liner can be heat molded, but this is not necessary, as it will mold itself to your foot during the first few days you ski in it.

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