2018 Head Advant Edge 95 HT ski boots (CLEARANCE)

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Brand new, 2018 Head Advant Edge 95 HT. This boot is a special edition of the Advant Edge 95 that is designed to be extra durable.  It offers better shell construction, and a different color choice than the inline AE 95.  This model features the Perfect Fit HD liner that is ready to ski right out of the box. Can be heat molded, but that is seldom necessary.  This boot fits really, really well right out of its box.  

  • Retail price of this boot is $550.00


Advant Edge is simply a fantastic skiing boot.  Finally, boot company has focused on a design to help average, every day recreational skiers actually ski better.  The boot gurus at Head have engineered a new two piece boot design called Power Efficient Design.  It includes 3 unique features never before built into a ski, with all three working together to help you ski better, and with less fatigue.  (1) Hi-Top Tech offers direct contact between the lower leg, and the lower shell of the boot.  Because the lower shell comes clear to the top of the boots structure, the skier's leg can move as little as 5 degrees in forward lean.  Less necessary movement equals less fatigue.  (2) Duo Flex engineers the proper amount of stiffness in different places in front of the skier's leg.  This gives the boot a forgiving, and yet powerful fell on the snow.  And, (3) Control Frame utilizes two different materials molded into the lower shell, allowing the skier's energy to be focused down the REAR structure of the boot, which also means less forward pressure is needed to control the skis.

This Advant Edge 95 HT offers very good performance, especially at this price, and is constructed with better shell material throughout than the more common retail version Advant Edge 95 HT that is most often seen/sold.  Full polyurethane upper and lower gives this boot better durability AND better performance.  PU is the top material available used to build ski boots.  It is a denser, closer linked material than the SL plastic used to build the upper and lower shell in the non HT version of this model.  In fact, this boot is contructed with better material than that found in the more expensive Advant Edge 105.  Buckles, adjustments and fit are exactly the same as the other versions of the Advant Edge 95.  Its two position flex adjustment allows it to be set up to ski at either a 95, or an 85 flex rating. 
Here is a full list of the features found on the Advant Edge 95 HT:
  • Two piece Power Efficient Design shell - Skiing is easier, because the shell is designed to transmit energy to the ski down the rear of the boot shell.  And, because the lower shell comes clear up to the top of the boot's structure, it is much easier for the leg to pressure the ski in forward lean.  This means you do not have to flex forward nearly as much, and with nearly as much pressure, as in other ski boots.  And, this design also focuses the skier's energy down the rear portion of the boot.  Simply tip the ski on edge, with less movement forward, and the boot helps the ski turn incredibly easy.
  • Full Polyurethane upper and lower shell is Head's best material used to build their ski boots, and is the same material used in the top of the line Advant Edge 125.  This shell material is more abrasion resistant, so the sole is more durable, and it simply skis better.  Polyurethane is much denser than the SL plastic used to build the upper and lower shell of the inline AE 95 (and the AE 105).  That makes this boot an outstanding value when compared to these other models at the same, or higher price.
  • Proven Edge shell shape is designed with more more room inside, and more length in the toe box.  For the skier who needs a larger, roomier boot, or just wants that type of fit, Advant Edge is the perfect choice.  Fits All Day comfortable, but with really good performance as well.
  • Micro adjustable buckles  - allow for very precise adjustment of fit.  This is very important in any ski boot, because sometimes, it just needs to be a little tighter, or a little looser.
  • Easy flex adjustment flex is located on the back of the boot.  Simply turn the bolt, and voila the flex is softened or stiffened.  Very effective, and super easy with the wrench provided.
  • Very modern shell geometery with a lower ramp angle inside the boot (4 degrees) and less forward lean.  Modern skis with wide shapes and rockered profiles ski better with this geometry.
  • Perfect Fit S liner is a big part of the magic of this boot.  It feels great right out of the box, and molds to your foot as you wear the boot.  It feels way to comfortable to be a performance boot, but it skis like a much firmer liner.  Again, part of the art in designing ski boots is how the liner is constructed.  Head has this nailed really, really well.  This is the middle firmness liner found in the Advant Edge series, with the perfect compromise between performance and comfort.



How does the Advant Edge 95 HT fit?  The overall shape of the boot fits medium wide to wider than an average volume foot.  Width is roomy, the toe box is roomy and yet the heel pocket is nice and snug.  The instep is HIGHER and more forgiving than many overlap boots, and the upper cuff is a bit SHORTER (shorter yet if the spoiler is removed) and roomy.  If you have medium wide to wider feet, a higher instep, or larger calves, this will be a great choice for you.

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Compare to other boots at this price, and you will see that this is a major good value and performance deal. Thanks for looking. 

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