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Head Vector Evo 130 ski boots


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2016 Head Vector Evo 130

Head has done it again.  After big success over recent seasons with Raptor, Vector and Edge models, here is a brand new and even better model from the boot lab at Head.  The Vector Evo models are all new from the ground up.  This new design features a Dynamic Frame Shell that offers extremely efficient energy from your body to the ski.  Head engineers analyzed how energy travels through the boot, and built this new shell design to maximize power transmission to the edge.  The result is a boot that offers super efficient performance to minimize effort exerted by the skier.  Less effort equals less fatigue, equals better skiing!

Part of this new design is about the stance and shell geometry incorporated into this new boot.  The hinge positions have been moved reward, the forward lean angle has been lessened, and the ramp angle of the foot lowered.  These changes are all about designing a boot to work with modern rockered skis.  The result is a more centered, natural stance on the ski, better and easier transmission of power from the foot and leg to the ski's edges, and enhanced balance and control.  Combine all of this with Head's impressive ability to fit a very wide range of foot shapes and skier types, and the new Vector Evo is a huge, huge win from the boot gurus at Head.

The Evo 130 is the top model in this new group of boots.  And, even though the word "Evo" might lead one to believe that this boot is simply an evolution in the Vector design, we here at Proskiguy believe this to be much more than a small evolutionary step.  All the fit, and performance we have loved in Vector has been elevated to a whole new level with this Evo version of this now classic ski boot.  Seldom has a boot model been refined and improved so much in just one step.  And, this model offers the best of everything possible.  Best shell material, best liner, best buckles, best, best, best, all adding up to unequaled best performance.

With all the coolest, and often the most unique features that have made so many skiers soooo happy in Head boots, there are no compromises on the Vector Evo 130.  At Proskiguy, we love, love, love ski boots.  We like to study them.  We like to test them.  We understand them.  But, seldom have we been so stoked about a new boot model coming through our door.  This is the most amazing new boot to hit the market in quite some time.  SpineFlex buckles, Double Booster power strap, PerfectFit HP Pro liner, and lots more.  No other boot offers any of these features, unless it is a Head ski boot.

As if a brand new shell design isn't enough, Vector Evo also features superior liner technology/material that is exclusive to Head ski boots.  PerfectFit uses a proprietary new foam that is more supportive, more comfortable, and endlessly customizable.  As with all Head boots, it can be skied right out of the box.  It is amazing that something so firm can feel so instantly comfortable at the same time.  But, it can also be heated to speed up the process of molding to your foot.  And, it can be heated over and over if you desire.

The Vector Evo 130 is an all new, amazing ski boot.  It offers top performance for the most aggressive skier, but in a design that fits incredibly well out of the box, and is state of the art in terms of "all day" comfort.  There just aren't many boots on the market that fit so many feet, and ski as well as Vector Evo.  Check out these features of the new Head Vetor Evo 130:

  • Bi Injected Dynamic Frame Shell- Harder and softer plastics are used in different zones as needed to improve fit, comfort and performance. For instance, the flaps over the instep area are softer, allowing the shell to wrap over and close tightly on the top of the foot. The lower shell area is stiffer plastic, allowing for maximum energy transfer to the ski area.  The mix of different density plastics is designed to direct the 80% of the energy from the body towards the REAR of the shell.  The super stiff heel section of the shell cradles the foot inside this power zone, while the forefoot is able to articulate for better balance on the ski.
  • Vector Evo stance geometery moves the hinge points on the boot 18mm toward the heel.  This works with the Dynamic Frame concept above, allowing a more progressive and longer forward flex.  Foward leand angle is reduced by 2 degrees and ramp angle (heel height) is also lessened by 2 degrees.  Expert skiers will quickly realize that this geometry puts them in a more athletic, but relaxed stance that allows terrain underfoot to be more easily absorbed.  
  • PerfectFit HP Pro Liner - A ultra performance fit liner that is also very comfortable.  Head has discovered a new, proprietary foam material that is both more comfortable, and more supportive at the same time.  Although it can be heated to speed up the time it takes to conform to the foot, there really is no need to do any custom heat process.  The liner included here is the firmest, snuggest liner in the Vector Evo series, and absolutely top of the market compared to any other boots. This very technical liner is designed to work with the Vector Evo shell shape, with minimum gaps between liner and shell, and stiffer materials through the heel and upper shaft to make the boot more responsive edge to edge.  It can be heated over and over almost without limitations to mold to your foot if desired (but this is certainly not necessary as it fits great out of the box).
  • Flex Index is 130 - Stiffest, most aggressive Vector Evo model available. There is enough support for the most aggressive skier, but it also has more comfort than good skiers are often used to.  The flex is nice and springy, and the stroke of the boot is long for absorbing terrain at high speed.  It is also very easy to get in and out of.  Use flex tuning on the back of the cuff to soften this boot to 120.
  • 40 mm Double Power Booster Strap acts as a pulley for better closure around the leg.  Head is the exclusive ski boot brand licensed to incorporate the Booster (elastic) feature into their boots.  Booster makes the boot springier and more dynamic from turn to turn.  This is one of only two models from Head (Challenger 130 is the other) that offers the Double Power Booster strap.
  • Adjustable Spoiler - A Velcro spoiler behind the leg can be removed to make the top of the boot larger, or moved to any location necessary to improve support. The fit around the top of the leg is very important for a performance skier
  • 100 mm shell shape (in size 26.5) - Although this number would indicate this boot is similar in width to many other performance boots on the market, the Vector 130 is a little roomier than some, and with a bit of extra space in the toe box. The ankle fit, heel width, and heel/instep circumference are nice and snug.  Slightly narrower in the toe box than the previous 103mm Vector models, but also slightly longer inside.
  • SpineFlex Buckles- are flexible to follow the contour of the boot as it closes.  No other buckle wraps around the shell like SpineFlex, and provides such an even distribution of pressure.
  • Dual Cuff Cant Alignment - Allows the upper cuff of the boot to be aligned so that your feet are flat on the snow.

How does the Vector 130 Evo fit?  Very comfortable and supportive fit for the average foot right out of the box, with a good amount of toe room.  A little roomier inside than some other boots at this performance level.  Firm, close fitting liner is top of the line.  For most skiers with average to slightly higher volume feet, Vector Evo fits absolutely incredible.  Even if you have a wider foot, or a higher instep, this can be a great choice for you.  The liner can be heat molded (over and over and over), but really this is not necessary, as it will mold itself to your foot during the first few days you ski in it.

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