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2017 K2 Pinnacle 88 snow skis with bindings


  • $ 447.00

2017 Pinnacle 88 with RX 12 bindings
  • Dimensions are 128-88-110

  • Sidecut radius is 15 meters (184cm)

  • Retail price of this ski and binding package is $1025.00

The design gurus at K2 have managed to redefine how an all mountain ski performs.  Featuring K2s all new Konic Technology, this ski feels lighter, quicker and still as super smooth as its predecessors.  The brand new shape has a super tight turn radius, extended rocker profile and a long tip section to offer max flotation in deep snow.  But, when on groomers the Pinnacle 88 can carve it up with the best of them.  This is definitely a ski for those who are looking to be off trail as much as possible.  But, it is also a ski that can do anything on any type of snow.  For any skier it is just about impossible to have a bad day on the P88.  And, even for those just beginning to venture off piste, this ski will build confidence like crazy.

The Pinnacle helps us handle deep snow like we all hope to in our dreams.  From the traditional up/down technique, to a new more surfy style, this ski eats it up.  Super stable, and still super forgiving, this is the tool that most of us should have for those deep snow days.  The longer slow rise tip rocker acts like the bow of a boat to keep the ski afloat.  And, the low drawn out tail rocker with a tapered blunt shape makes the ski very easy to break loose, with less need to un-weight.  This new profile makes pow skiing incredibly easy, and is perhaps the most advanced ski shape and profile ever developed.  More runs, more fun!

And, when the new snow is all skied out, the Pinnacle 88 still shines!  Konic Technology puts metal right at the edges where it is needed for stability and power.  K2s are famous for their performance in junk, crud and bumps, and the Pinnacle 95 carries that tradition on in a big way.  For a ski so much lighter than its ancestors, it is still amazingly stable and powerful.  On groomers, the Konic Technology provides a very smooth ride, and the ski is super easy to get from turn to turn.  With the widest point of its sidecut moved toward the center of the ski on each, the Pinnacle has a suprisingly short turn radius.

Skis with metal laminate construction have always been rather heavy and sluggish feeling on the snow.  Metal offers more stability and power, but makes the ski much harder to move from turn to turn. K2 solves this paradox with Konic and Nanolite Technologies.  Konic removes the metal from the center of the ski, where it is not needed.  The anti-vibration characteristics of metal and the additional torsional stiffness are maintained, even though weight is reduced.  Nanolite Technology starts with K2's time tested laminate core, replacing some of the center core material with low-density aerospace composites.  The ski retains its original power, strength and stability even though it has a lighter feel, more playful feel.  PROBLEM SOLVED!

The combination of an all new, super modern shape, Konic metal laminate technology and Nonolite core construction puts this new ski way out in front of its competitors.  This is the narrowest model of the new Pinnacle series, and it is simply an amazing ALL DAY, EVERY DAY ski.  This is absolutely one of the best mid-wide skis on the market.

We have the Pinnacle 88 matched up in this package with the Tyrolia RX 12 binding.  The RX 12 offers outstanding anti shock capability and plenty of DIN range settings for aggressive skiing, and is a good, lightweight match to this ski. Tyrolia's exclusive Diagonal heel offers additional protection in forward twisting falls.  It is a perfect match performance wise, and graphically to the Pinnacle 88.
  • This binding has a DIN range of 3 to 12, making it suitable for just about any adult skier.

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