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K2 Potion 76 Ti ladies snow skis with bindings


  • $ 397.00

2015 K2 Potion 76 Ti, with SLR 9 bindings.

  • Dimensions are 120-76-105
  • Sidecut radius is 13 meters (156cm)
The Potion 76 Ti offers amazing performance, with lots of K2s best features and technology at a price never offered before.  Targeted at the aspiring advanced lady skier who wants to venture onto more of the mountain, it is incredibly smooth, very stable and quite versatile.

K2 offers the most complete and well built collection of women's skis on the market.  Formed in 1998, the K2 Alliance is a group of dedicated female athletes who's mission is to guide the development of K2 ski product for women.  In 2002, women's ski were changed forever with the introduction of the original T Nine Spire.  Since then, year in and year out, through the most amazing evolution in the history of skiing, this collaboration between some of the best women skiers in the world, and the committed design team at K2 has resulted in innovation after innovation; lightweight metal laminate constructions, lady specific sidecut shapes and cores, and much, much more.  Always designed to be the best possible performers for lady skiers, and then tested by these top women skiers, K2 has led the way for a long time to help you get the best experience possible on the snow.  No compromises, and certainly not just men's skis with different graphics.  K2 was the first to bring women's specific skis to the market, and they still lead the way. 

The brand new Potion 76 Ti just might be the best value intermediate level ski K2 has ever sold!  Loaded up with much of K2's best technology, it features metal laminate components (which K2 has never offered at this price before), All Terrain Rocker, Hybritech top and sidewalls, and an amazingly low price.  This is a ski that is equally at home on a beautiful groomer, in moderate size bumps, afternoon crud, or a bit of new powder.  Super smooth, very solid at speed, and holds quite well on harder snow.  Fast or slow, any kind of turn, steep or gentle pitch, the Potion 76 Ti can do it all.  In fact, this may be the ski that every advancing lady skier should own.  It builds confidence because it does everything so well.  If you are a solid green run skier, aspiring to more blues and even some black runs, the Potion 76 Ti is the perfect tool.  This is your first performance ski, waiting for you to say hello!  Check out the features of this impressive new ski:
  • All Terrain Rocker Technology – The most versatile rocker profile in the line, all terrain rocker has rocker in the front 30% of the ski and camber through the rest.  This means you get the increased off trail performance, better float and easier turn initiation of rocker, but camber under foot maintains power and edge hold.
  • Metal Laminate Construction – Titanal metal layers give the ski power and a smooth, damp ride.  K2 perforates these metal layers to remove unnecessary material and lighten up the ski.  THERE IS NO COMPONENT AVAILABLE IN A SKI that improves stability and edge hold like Titanal does.  Combined with Hybritech top sheet/sidewalls, this is a very sophisticated construction, especially at this price.
  • ABS sidewall with Hybridtech top sheet puts more mass over the edges for maximum edge hold, and dampens the edges at speed so more of the edge stays in contact with the snow.  Because the top sheet wraps over the sidewalls of the tip and tail, the ski has lively feel and the top graphic is more durable.  This is the most complex construction K2 builds and delivers great performance and a smooth ride.
  • Composite core – is the main difference between this Potion and its bigger/wider sisters.  Composite is used to make the ski very light, more flexible, and therefor more forgiving.  This contruction gives the Potion 76 Ti a very lightweight feel on the snow, and it is very easy to move from turn to trun.
  • Progressive Sidecut - a combination of two different radii, or sidecuts, that enhance the versatility of wider-waist skis. Standard sidecut theory is based on using a single radius. This works well on narrower skis, but becomes overpowering on wider skis, especially in variable conditions. The use of progressive sidecut on wider-waist skis guarantees improved turn initiation and hard-snow performance

This ski is available only with this binding system. Check out these features of the SLR 9 binding :

  • Super Light Rail has been designed with lighter weight, and wider and lower to the ski, giving the skier more leverage over the edges of today's wider all mountain skis.  Because the rail is designed to flex with the ski, and the binding slides on the rail as the ski flexes, the ski is able flex into its turning arc with less effort.  This is not just a toe and heel screwed to the ski like other bindings.
  • Easy to change boot location with no holes to drill.  This is one of the advantages of this binding system that we love the most.  The toe and heel have very small increments of adjustment, so the boot location on the ski is very precise.  AND, it is very easy to move the binding on the ski without the need for any drilling, or even the use of any tools.  This allows us to help you find the best possible location to be standing on your new skis.
  • ABS (Anti Blocking System) has a moving track under the boot toe to ensure low friction as the boot moves sideways to release at the toe or absorb shocks.  No Teflon pieces to get worn out, degrading the performance of the release at boot toe.
  • Diagonal toe allows vertical release at the toe in backward falls, and has bomb proof construction.  This toe piece is very, very durable.
  • TRP toe with four roller bearings inside the pincer toe cup allows the boot to absorb shocks and return to center very quickly with super low friction. 
  • With a DIN range of 2.5 to 9, this binding will work for just about any adult skier.  

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