K2 Source Z goggles

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K2 Source Z goggles with 2nd lens, carry bag and collapsible case.

This Z model features a Zeiss main lens, which takes optically clarity to the Zeiss level.  This might be one of the best fitting, best value goggles ever made.  Includes 2 lenses for maximum visibility in any light condition.  Collapsible goggle case included, along with storage bag with pocket for extra lens

The Source Z goggle by K2 is an outstanding choice for today's skier or snowboarder.  It's fit is different than many other goggles, being a little bit shorter top to bottom than many "oversized look" goggles on the market.  That makes it a perfect fit with a helmet, because the goggle fits perfectly between the brim of the helmet, and the top of the nose.  No pressure pushing the goggle down, or trying to push the helmet brim up.  Outrigger strap attachment allows the strap of the goggle to reach out wider to go around the sides of the helmet.  But, if you choose to wear the goggle without a helmet, the outriggers can be removed for a narrower fit around the head.

The fit around the nose is very well designed also, with a foam pillow on and around the nose for a good, comfortable seal with no pressure.  Lens change is super easy, with 7 points of exterior attachment, and no channel to have to fit the lens into.  Simple and yet very easy and quick.  Lens is spherical curved to match the curved shape of the human eye.  This results in minimum distortion when looking in any direction through the lens.  The Source goggle's shape is also quite wide, so the field of vision is very large with excellent visibility peripherally.

Very nice strap, with anti-slip silicone ribs inside to help the strap grip the helmet shell, keeping it in place where you want it to stay.

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