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Radar P6 slalom water ski 67" - ProSkiGuy

Radar P6 slalom water ski 67"


  • $ 419.00

2015 Radar P 6 slalom ski, 67"
P 6 Slalom -
When stability and ease of use are the main factors in making a ski purchase, the P-6 is a top winner. With the most amount of surface area in its class, the P-6 is quick out of the water and low on drag when at plane. Line tension is highly reduced with a maximum amount of width under foot. With no gimmicks built into the base and shape of the ski, P-6 boasts the largest stability rail in the line, assuring stable flat ski riding and support through the turn.

P 6 features:

-        Aerocore

- Carbon/Fiberglass laminates

- .8” wider than Vapor

- Recommended max speed 30mph

- RST (Radiused Stability Turn) tail shape 

What you’ll feel: Have confidence that you will not struggle getting out of the water. The total surface area to length of ski is maximized so you do not have to work for your skiing. Once you’re up and on top of the water, you’ll love the smooth turn characteristics and easy wake crossings. 

Handmade in Seattle, Washington, USA

(360) 577-1580
9:30 to 5:30 Pacific Time

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