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Ronix Bandwagon ATR Standard


  • $ 329.00

The Ronix William ATR Wakeboard started the trend in Stored Energy constructions and opens up a new spectrum of board designs and riding styles, allowing a rider to push all the way up the wake, and as the tail passes through the peak, it continues to build energy. A rider can feel the shift in board energy from the nose to the tail the longer they wait due to the unique lay up and wide 28” stance option. It's a deck that you session more like your favorite snowboard, timing the wake with a later pop. Or just ride it like a traditional board with a mellower snap and super forgiving landings. With the William ATR's thinner profile and diamond glass, you can feel a balance point while pressing rails, as the board flexes until it locks. This has a newfangled diamond construction for riders that want more of a snow/skate feel leaving the wake and added control on rails, or that just have a conventional style and want a smoother overall ride. A snow feel in the summertime? Now that's what we're talkin' about.

Product Details

Rocker Type

Rocker LineSmooth, predictable transfer makes it easier for a rider to have a late take off

Blended RockerA combination of the speed and consistency off the wake of early rocker, with the explosive vertical snap of late rocker


Deep Symmetrical ChannelsHelp with acceleration through a turn and push the rider into the wake

Subtle TunnelMore efficient water flow and stabilized landings


Full Center RailCreates a smooth transferring board from edge to edge

Vertical SidewallBlends to a more vertical sidewall in the tip and tail, allowing the board to ride higher on the water with more glide speed

Exaggerated Bottom BevelStarts out at 4 degrees, blending to 18 degrees on the ends. This makes it super forgiving and less likely to get hung up on rails.


Diamond GlassThis secret concoction absorbs more energy before rebounding it. A lightweight woven construction brings less swing weight and increased feel on the water to the board.

Mod PourA demanding alternative foam made from Ronix's exclusive blend of materials, this core has the highest strength to weight ratio Ronix has ever tested, setting the standard of the most refined recipe of foam in the market.


Krypto CableDifferent fibers woven together surround the profile of the board and are fused together with the Mod Pour Core. Combined with monocoque laminated glass, the sidewalls are the strongest part of the board.

Magic CarpetRonix's secret formula of fiberglass materials woven together to allow just enough resin to bleed through and adhere to the core


Sintered BaseThe most durable non-stick base material Ronix has ever tested on rails without loosing any glide speed on the water


4 Utility FinsA fin actually designed to be sessioned on rails and also for riders that like that finless feel. The wider design creates turbulence, giving it a less gratuitous grip on the water

4 Fiberglass 1.0" Ramp Fins

Additional Features

Monocoque ConstructionIntegrating the top glass and the bottom glass into one to generate a more durable board on side impacts thus preventing the ol’ side delamination

Stored EnergyThe delay in the energy means the rider is given more time to generate the full lift from the power building from the tip all the way to the tail of the board. If riders don't have that snow/skate timing off the wake, no problem. They will just have a mellower lift off the wake. This is a construction that won't kick your arse

Versatile cable and boat board with a controlled flex

M6 Metric InsertsA higher thread count means more hold at a shallower depth on the board. Boards can be thinner profiles with a shorter insert, without sacrificing boot lock down.


  • Ability Level: Advanced-Expert
  • Rocker Type: Camber
  • Core Material: Fiberglass
  • Base Type: Standard Base
  • Fins: (4) 1"
  • Athletes: Erik Ruck and Marc Rossiter
  • Warranty: 1 Year


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