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Nordica Elexa Ladies' skis with Evo bindings

Nordica Elexa Ladies' skis with Evo bindings


  • $ 399.99

2015 Nordica Elexa

  • Dimensions are 127-75-105
  • Sidecut radius is 12 meters (152cm)

The Elexa is one of the best value, first time skis on the market for 2015.  Its 75mm waist and rockered tip make it an easy on trail ski that will help you build confidence very quickly.  Even though it is very forgiving, it has quite a bit of performance potential in terms of stability and edge hold.  At the price it is selling for here, it is arguably the best value ski on the market in this category.  It includes a Nordica EVO binding system that fits any boot, with no holes to drill ever.  Details on the binding below.

The Elexa is made for the girl who is buying a first pair of skis, and wants an easy to handle ski that is designed to be skied on groomed runs.  It is very easy to move from edge to edge, and its sidecut shape does most of the work for you.  Just tip it on edge, and it will turn virtually without effort.  As you progress, venturing onto steeper terrain, and moving down the mountain faster, the Elexa responds with amazing stability and quite good edge hold. Like its more expensive siblings in Nordica's All Mountain Belles group, the Elexa has Energy Frame construction and Early Rise tip rocker.  Not very often does a ski come along that skis far better than it should for the price, but this is one of those rare times.  The Elexa very well on any beginner to intermediate runs, and will make just about any first time buyer a better skier the first time out on the snow.  It has a very light, and lively feel, but also is very predictable and forgiving of mistakes.  It is very hard not to have fun on this ski! 

Check out these features of the Nordica Elexa:

  • Energy Frame CA Construction The ski core is a combination of wood and composite materials reinforced with Carbon fiber.  The ski feels very light on the snow, and easy to maneuver.  Yet it also holds an edge very well on harder snow, and remains stable as speeds increase
  • Structural Top Cap construction  is very lively, and easy to get from edge to edge to make turns.  Combined with the integrated binding system, this ski is just very, very easy to turn.
  • Early Rise Rocker - A bit of rocker (negative camber) in the tip helps the ski flex into its arc more easily when it is tipped on edge.  This very small amount of rocker also makes the ski more forgiving.  Accidental, unsteady movements onto either edge do not start the ski into the turn when the skier is not ready to actually make a turn.
  • On trail width with deep sidecut shape optimizes this ski for on trail use.  Skis are getting wider and wider, which is not ideal for skiing on groomers.  There are narrower skis on the market in this price range, but they are not as forgiving as the shape of the Elexa.  The waist width of this ski is just right for on trail skiing, but also wide enough to be very forgiving.
  • This ski is available only with the EVO binding shown in the pictures.  We love how easy this binding adjusts to fit any boot, with no holes to drill.  The Center Turntable design means your boot is always located perfectly on the ski.  And, when it is time for someone else to use this ski, the bindings will fit perfectly even if they are quite a bit smaller or larger than yours.  The binding has a DIN range of 3 to 10, which will fit virtually any adult lady skier.


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