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Nordica FireArrow F3 ski boots


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2012 Nordica FireArrow F3

Nordica is thinking way outside the box for their new high performance all mountain boots!  Building on the huge success of their Ace of Spades freeride boot, Nordica's next 3 piece boot is feature packed and fits feet right out of the box that would typically have had to heavily modify a Full Tilt or Dalbello Krypton to enjoy the benefits of 3 piece boot construction.  3 piece construction allows the side to side flex to be isolated from the fore and aft flex so you can have a boot that is very stiff laterally for incredible edge hold/response, but have a springy and forgiving forward flex to absorb changes in terrain and incredible energy release at the end of the turn.  In the new FireArrow boots, Nordica also implements EDT technology from the Dobermann race boots.  EDT (Efficient Dynamic Technology is a carbon reinforced boot board or "zeppa" that is bolted to the shell (most zeppas just sit in the bottom of the shell with only gravity holding them in place), this eliminates the torsional deformation in the sole of the boot, thereby greatly improving efficiency and maximizing power transmission.

The FireArrow F3 is the third boot in the series and delivers awesome performance for good intermediate to expert skiers.  Despite the fact that there are 2 boots above it in the FireArrow Series, the performance capability of the F3 should not be underestimated.  While it does not have a few of the minor bells and whistles of the top of the line F1, the F3 is plenty of boot for all but the most aggressive skiers.

**For 2013, Nordica is reducing the forward stiffness of the FireArrow boots by cutting some slots into the top of the lower shell thereby giving the boot a longer forward flex and letting the shell tongue control the forward flex more.  This makes the boot much more forgiving in bumpy terrain and variable snow, but still maintains the amazing precision and power transmission that this boot is all about.  We are able to modify these 2012 boots in house to make them flex like the 2013 boots will using a process approved by Nordica.  The modification does not change the look of the boot at all and is not visible unless the boot is taken apart.  Modified boots still carry a full factory warranty.  We have skied in the F1 before and after a modification and the difference is substantial, we believe that softening the forward flex does not hinder the performance potential at all, but definitely allows a wider range of skiers to ski in these boots.  If you are interested in a FireArrow boot, but are worried about them being too stiff, call and talk to us about having a pair modified. 360-577-1580 or toll free 1-8PROSKIGUY

Check out the performance features of the FireArrow F3:

  • Three piece Cabriolet design - Forward flex is isolated from lateral stiffness so you can have benefits that aren't possible in a traditional 4 buckle overlap shell bootThe boot is plenty stiff laterally which provides superior edge response and better leverage over the edges of you skis for better edge hold, but the tongue in front gives a nice, forgiving, progressive forward flex that lets you absorb changes in terrain while staying in a more balanced, aggressive stance over the balls of your feet.
  • Efficient Dynamic Technology - EDT is a carbon reinforced boot board or "zeppa" that is bolted to the shell (most zeppas just sit in the bottom of the shell with only gravity holding them in place), this eliminates the torsional deformation in the sole of the boot, thereby greatly improving efficiency and maximizing power transmission.
  • PFP Precision Fit Liner is firm and gives great performance, but still has Nordica's famously comfortable fit.
  • 45 degree center buckle is positioned perfectly to pull the outside tongue down over the instep area of the boot.  New ergonomically designed buckle closure system provides optimal tension over surface/area to insure the best possible wrapping of the boot with minimal buckle tension.  The 45 degree center buckle gives outstanding instep retention and heel hold. 
  • Upward Pivoting tongue easy entry design. Because the tongue is a separate piece, it can swing up for easy entry into the boot.
  • Adjustable height spoiler to accommodate different length and sizes of legs. Move it up, down, or remove it entirely to customize the upper shaft of the boot to fit your leg, or completely removable for the big calf crowd.
  • Aluminum micro adjustable buckles are super tough, very precise, and can be micro adjusted to provide exactly the necessary amount of tension in the 3 separate fit zones of this boot.
  • Super wide power strap around the top of the boot. A wider strap offers more support up high, keeping the leg and foot much closer as they move together.
  • High Traction, Dual Density PU Soles softer, tackier plastic in the soles for increased grip while hiking or simply walking to the lift.
  • Dynamic Performance Code - To more precisely describe the flex of this new category of boots, Nordica has developed a new flew rating system that tells the stiffness, progression, and rebound of the boot.  The FireArrow F3 has a DPC of 14.0, 2, H, which means 14.0 stiffness, 2 progression, and H rebound, this makes the F3 about a 100-110 on a traditional flex scale.

How does the FireArrow F3 fit?  Nordica calls this boot a 100mm last, same as the Ace of Spades, but we know from in store experience that FireArrow feels narrower.  The PFP liner also does not pack down as much as most other liner, so the boot maintains much the same fit after skiing numerous days.  This is definitely a boot for people with average width feet, if your feet are on the narrower side you should check out the Dalbello Krypton series in our ebay store.  It also seems to run on the long side so many people may be able to go down a shell size.  This boot definitely has Nordica's typical super soft and comfortable out of the box feel, putting your foot in this thing feels like wrapping it in a nice, soft velvet blanketFit is very similar to its predecessor, the Speed Machine.


Call or email us with any questions.  Feel free to challenge us with any fit questions.  1-8PROSKIGUY.

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