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Nordica NXT N2W ladies ski boots


  • $ 399.00

2016 Nordica NXT N2W


Legendary Nordica fit in a whole new package!  New from the ground up, the NXT series offers Nordica comfort and performance in a model that is designed to take you anywhere on the mountain.  Very lightweight, and super weather resistant, the NXT models are perhaps the warmest, most comfortable, and best skiing Nordicas ever.  Tons of power, very precise, but with just a bit more room in all the critical places to make it All Day Comfortable.  This second from top model in the NXT family is packed with all the features you would expect from Nordica.  Check out the features of the new Nordica NXT N2W:
  • 45° INSTEP RETENTION offers a more secure hold down in the lower shell
  • WATERPROOF OVERLAP CLOSING SYSTEM means this boot absolutely will keep you warm and dry
  • Adjustable Cuff Profile allows the top of the cuff to be adjusted with one turn of a screw to make it larger (for a bigger calf size) or to decrease the forward lean angle.
  • Removable spoiler can be adjusted up or down, to fit longer or shorter legs.  Or, it can be removed to fit a larger leg size, and/or to decrease forward lean angle.
  • Modern stance and ramp angle geometry.  Since this design is brand new, it incorporates all the latest stance and foot board angles to work best with modern, wide rockered skis.
  • OPTIONAL CANTABLE SOLES allow you to adjust the boot totally flat on the snow
  • PFP PRECISION W LINER is just the right combination of firmness and comfort in this group of boots.  This is a "Goldie Locks" fit.  Not too tight, not too loose.  Not too firm, not too soft.  It is JUST RIGHT!
  • HIGH TRACTION SOLE keeps you on your feet when hiking to that secret stash, or walking through the ice coated parking lot.
  • LAST 102 MM, with extra toe box length (5mm) in every shell size
  • Flex index 95

How does the new NXT N2W fit?
  Nordica calls this boot a 102mm last, so it fits similar to HotRod and Speedmachine of the past.  But we know from in store experience that NXT feels a bit roomier than these past Nordica models.  However, it holds the foot like most 100 mm boots, with just a bit more toe room in length, and also up and down.  The liner is nice and firm, but still with that great Nordica out of the box fit, and lined with fleece so it hugs the foot very nicely.  It also among the easiest boots on the market to adjust for leg size and forward lean.  This is one of those boots than can fit just about everyone that tries it on.

Here is a great price on one of the best new performance boots on the market.  Nordica has done their homework to bring you a high performance boot with all the features you want.  Compare to any high performance boot, and you will see that this is a major good deal.  Call or email us with any questions.  Feel free to challenge us with any fit questions.  1-8PROSKIGUY.

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