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2018 Nordica Speedmachine 110 ski boots


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2018 Brand new, Nordica Speedmachine 110


 Speedmachine is back, and better than ever.  Legendary Nordica fit in a whole new package!  Nordica has designed a brand new boot with a familiar name for serious skiers.  Speedmachine is all new, but its roots come from the famous Speedmachine design from a few years ago.  Nordica has spent enormous amount of time and resources to build the best boot possible for the best skiers on the mountain.  This new boot is engineered with a dedium fit 100 mm shell last, and our course incorporates Nordica's legendary All Day Comfort.  It is simply amazing that offers this much performance can fit this well right out of the box, and fit so well all day long.  The shape of the shell is incredibly anatomic, matching the shape of the human foot better than any previous Nordica, and perhaps any ski boot ever built.  The shell design is simply amazing, but it gets better and better the deeper this boot is looked at.

Inside the Speedmachine 110 there is big news as well.  The liner inside the shell is most often overlooked as part of the ski boot's overall performance.  But, Nordica has not failed to give the liner a big engineering make over as well.  This upper model in the Speedmachine family includes Nordica's super cool Custom Cork fitting system, and this concept is straight from the Race Room at Nordica Headquarters.  Cork/resin compounds have been used by racers inside their boots for decades, because Cork transmits energy extremely well, offering the best performance when fractions of a second count.  Cork compound also molds naturally to the foot over time, needing only your own body heat.  The end result is a boot that completely fits your foot shape for run after run comfort, AND a boot that skis incredibly well.  If you desire, this boot can be heated to speed up the molding of the Custom Cork liner.  But, this step is not necessary.  It will mold well to your foot over the first few days of skiing.

This new Speedmachine 110 also incorporates Primaloft insulation inside this amazing liner.  Nordica has chosen to use the best, state of art synthetic insulation available inside the new Speedmachine 110 because it is simply the best product available to keep your feet warm..  No other material can insulate the boot better than Primaloft.

There are tons of other features that are included here in the Speedmachine 110.  In fact, there is almost no difference between this boot and the next two boots up in this line.  So, just because you want a boot with a bit lower flex range, you don't have to compromise on having the best features, just as one the stiffer boots in this same shell family.  Yes, the SM 110 is a bit softer, but it is not a lesser boot than its stiffer siblings.  Perhaps no other two piece, four buckle boot is as easily adjusted, and easy to customize as this new beauty.  If you love details, check out this full list of features on the new Nordica Speedmachine 110:

  • Cork Fit technology offers the best solution to the paradox of comfort versus performance.  No other material offers the combination of moldability and performance found in Nordica's new Custom Cork liner.
  • Full Motion Pivot reinvents the concept of canting in a performance boot.  Not only can the cuff be moved up and down to change the angle of the sole on the snow, but the cuff can also be moved front to back.  This allows the angle of the skiers knee to drive and track properly through the turn.
  • Infrared customization make this one of the easiest boots ever for shell modification.  Critical areas of the boot where customization most often needs to occur are clearly marked on the outside of the shell.  These areas are designed to be easy to stretch (or punch) using either Nordica's super cool Infrared heat and vacuum stretch system, or by conventional heat and stretch methods used by boot fitters everywhere.  There is no other boot shell on the market that is this easy and ready to be cusomized.
  • Boot Fitters Best Friend (BBF) makes this an easier boot to customize.  Most ski boots are assembled by riveting the cuff to the shell, and riveting the buckles, straps, spoilers or whatever to the shell.  Riveting is very fast, making the boot cheaper to produce.  These parts sometimes need to be removed to customize (stretch, grind, cut) the shell assembly.  Nordica takes the time in production to attach all the parts with bolts and recessed nuts, so the boot is easy to disassemble, customize, and put back together.
  • All new stance geometry offers top of the line performance with today's wider skis with rockered profile.  The footboard has been designed with a very specific flatter ramp angle, and the forward lean is adjustable to fit the skier's preference for a modern straighter stance, or a more traditional stance with more forward lean.  Customize, customize, customize.
  • HIGH TRACTION PU Extra Grip soles at the toe and heel keeps you upright when hiking to that secret stash, or walking through the ice coated parking lot.  PU soles also offer better insulation through the sole of the boot to keep your feet warmer.
  • Double Bolted upper cuff with FLEX adjustment allows the flex of the boot to adjust.  Remove the upper bolt to make the boot softer, remove both bolts to make the boot softer yet.  Plugs are included to fill the unused holes.  Even the forward lean of the upper cuff to the lower shell can be adjusted by removing the wedge between the two at the back of the boot.
  • New toe shape geometry with 100 MM shell width is part of the secret to why this boot fits so well.  The toe box is actually shaped like your foot, and not like a bad pair of pointy toe dress shoes.
  • Flex index 110
How does the Speedmachine 110 fit?  This may be the best "out of the box fit" of all time in our opinion.  It is an all day comfortable, 100mm lasted, high performance boot for the skier who wants a boot that is not super stiff.  It is designed to fit well right out of the box, and Nordica has hit a home run in that characteristic of this boot.  It is absolutely one of the best out of box, high performance fits we have ever experienced.  But, at the same time Nordica has gone to great pains (successfully we believe) to make this a super performing all mountain ski boot.  If you have very wide feet, or very large legs, your should check out the new SportMachine models, as this is not the boot for you most likely.  But, if you are looking for a average volume, snug fitting, killer skiing, and easy to customize ski boot, the SM 110 should be at the top of your list.

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