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Rossignol Axial2 100 with 95mm brake


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Rossignol Axial2 100 with 95 mm brake.
The Rossignol Axial2 is the perfect binding for many performance minded skiers.  It offers proven Rossignol design and engineering that skis great on just about any ski, and is easy to use.  It is super durable, and offers an excellent connection between boot and ski.  Already the market leader in many areas of performance and safety, Rossi engineers have made a great binding even better.  Check out the features:
  • Axial2 heel piece with vertical heel design offers high level of elastic travel upward (more than 20mm) before releasing.  This allows the binding to absorb shocks, and still keep the boot in the system, preventing unwanted release.  This is important for a good skier who might normally have to raise the release setting to stay in the binding when skiing aggressively.
  • Very long horizontal elastic travel at the toe (45mm) offers the same excellent retention at the toe piece.  Also very important for an aggressive skier, allowing the boot to stay in the system without unwanted release when skiing very aggressively.  Elastic travel keeps you in when you want, and lets you release when needed.
  • 180 degree multi-directional release at the toe piece.  This offers improved protection in backward falls.
  • Very tight coupling between boot and ski offers maximum control of the ski and power to the edge.  This is especially important on today's wider skis.
  • Lighter weight design lowers the overall weight of the ski/binding system, making skiing less fatiguing.

This Rossignol model with a lower DIN range than other Axial models is a great binding at a value price.  Originally targeted at juniors, it works really well for ladies and for any guy with a DIN setting of less than 8.  It is functionally identical to the higher DIN versions of Axial, just with a lower tension spring set inside.  Great performance, great safety, and an outstanding value.  Hard to go wrong with this binding.

Thanks for looking.  Let us know if you have any questions.  We love to talk about ski gear.

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