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2018 Tyrolia RX 12 ski bindings (CLEARANCE)


  • $ 149.00

This proven binding model from Tyrolia is an outstanding value.  It has features that make it very user friendly, and also that are not found on other bindings on the market.

♦ LD toe wraps completely around the boot, offering excellent leverage out to the ski's edges.
♦ Twin cam design Diagonal heel is a Tyrolia exclusive, offering release in an upward, diagonal direction in forward twisting falls.  This heel is also very, very easy to step into, especially in difficult conditions.
♦ The ABS mechanical anti friction device under the boot toe is more durable over time than Teflon pads.

♦ DIN range is 3 to 12, which works for any skiers with a setting of 4 or higher.

Let us know if you have any questions.  We love to help our customers choose the best possible ski gear.

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