2021 Nordica Speedmachine J4 junior ski boots

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2021 Nordica Speedmachine J4 junior ski boots.

Blue -white color available only in full sizes
Black - red color available only in half sizes.
THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN 1/2 AND FULL SHELL SIZES.  ONLY THE STICKER ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE BOOT IS DIFFERENT.  Let us know if you have questions about size selection for this boot.

This is an awesome boot for the intermediate to advanced younger skier.  Compared to previous versions of this boot, it now offers the addition of micro adjustable buckles, and a velcro power strap.  It's full slate of features, and an outstanding fit not found in other junior boots make this boot a real standout on the market.

•  Narrower width shape, borrowed from Nordica's collection of race models.  Mostly, younger skiers have very narrow feet, so a boot shaped like this one fit nice and close, for the kind of fit that allows for best possible performance.  Comfortable and supportive so athletic kids can improve their skiing.
•  4 micro adjustable buckles.  Kids need a buckle system that allows the fit to be fine tuned and adjusted in small increments, just like adults do.  Very unusual for a boot at this price to have buckles this good.
•  Power strap with Velcro adjustment keeps the top of the liner in contact with the leg as the boot flexes, and minimizes any chance of shin bite.  Many lesser kids boots do not have this feature.

This is just a really nice first performance boot for most younger skiers.  It is soft enough to flex well, and with the closer fit that most junior boots do not offer.  We have sold various versions of this model in our store since it was very first introduced by Nordica, and now this boot is better than ever.  It's combination of nice fit and good features at a very good price make this a hard junior boot to pass up.

Thanks for looking!  Please let us know if you have any questions.  We really like talking to our customers, and helping you make your best possible ski gear choices.  Email us, call us, we are here to help.

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