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Look Pivot 12 AW snow ski bindings

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Look Pivot 12 AW ski bindings (choice of brake width)

Pivot bindings from Look are perhaps the most heralded ski binding ever built.  The performance of Look's iconic Pivot heel is legendary, and this binding system offers features no other ski binding can match.

Pivot delivers maximum power to the ski's edges, which is especially critical in today's world of wider ski designs.  It also provides outstanding shock absorption, and the longest vertical elastic travel on the market.  Look's Pivot heel offers a very trustworthy combination of retention and release.  

The Pivot's AW toe piece has been recently redesigned, so that it is compatible with multiple sole standards, and also with longer wings to contact the boot over a wider area, increasing binding to boot connection.  The base platform of the toe has been increased by 10% in width, also to enhance control and steering.  All this, while still maintaining a release envelope of 180 degrees; from horizontal to vertical, and any angle in between for  protection in both forward and backward twisting falls.

♦ Pivot offers the shortest mounting zone of any alpine binding on the market.  This results in a deeper, rounder, more consistent ski flex.
♦ 7 points of contact between boot and binding results in maximum lateral transfer of energy, maximizing power to the ski's edges.  Control, response and snow feel are maximized.
♦ Look's turntable design rotates directly under the tibia, providing 28mm of elastic travel to deliver unmatched shock absorption and superior boot retention.

♦  DIN range is 4 to 12, which is almost any adult skier
♦  Available only in Black Icon graphic

Pivot AW models are compatible with both Alpine and Grip Walk boot sole standards

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